New Blog Layout

Alright… as I have said in my earlier post, this site could definitely benefit from some refreshing. And this is the new look. I must say I am quite fond of this new theme as it allows me to display my highlight photos larger than the previous long-running one that I have been using (or left on) which you will see when I post my reviews.

Speaking of reviews, I have not looked at ANY gunpla reviews the past few years. None. I am barely even caught up with model releases (“WOAH! MG GUNDAM DOUBLE X!”). Are personal blogs even popular anymore? I ran through my blogroll and was dismay that many stopped around the same time I did or the year after. Very few people soldiered on and I salute them for their dedication and effort. As such, I have removed the links from my blogroll. Heh… it’s not like this blog is currently sending any traffic anywhere anyway. At the very least, it cleans this place up a bit. Of course, if you are still blogging and want to exchange links then please feel free to drop me a line.

Now for my first project since 2012… a HG Panda’gguy. Hey, I am taking it easy ^^;. Heh… so this is what Bandai is up to these days. Interesting…

Expect a review in a day or so.

12 thoughts on “New Blog Layout

  1. Well, i guess the video reviews on youtube became more common since your “vacation”(?)
    A lot of people really take a break.

    But its still nice to see big size, well shooted and a good sense of humor like yours, i hope you continue to post!

    Nice visual by the way.

  2. still love Personal Hobby blog, it’s way much more civilized compared to those in facebook’s Groups… ^^
    But when people start to stop one by one, some might lost the push to continue :(

  3. You’re blowing my mind by coming back man, I’ve got some reading to do to catch up! Seeing you back makes me glad I never gave up; your site inspired me to start blogging on WordPress, and for a time I very nearly dropped off too. New motivation to keep building and keep the plamo spirit alive. I always figured nowadays personal hobby blogs have been relegated to their own little dark corner on the net though – I’ve never even really figured out how to promote my site and always wondered how yours took off so well all those years ago!

    1. Thanks for soldiering on and keeping this side of the blogosphere alive! Before, personal hobby blogs were a dime a dozen but they are obviously dwindling down to a very few now. Too few actually. Time for a resurrection. Just continue to show your enjoyment to the world and it will spread eventually. This place is only but a shadow of its former self. This is not a bad thing – I get to sit back, go at my own pace, and even get to chat with the few of you who still drop by. Makes it more personal you know?

      1. Definitely. Glad you’re enthusiastic about the new lease on the site! For what it’s worth just to put two and two together I used to lurk around here and took a huge inspiration from your work – though I’ve finally gotten my site and formal identity around here together now I used to comment as Lelouch ^^;

        1. OhhhhhH!!! Lelouch! Yea I still remember you :D You are one of the longest reader here! Thanks for hanging around this whole time. I’m humbled that you find my work inspiring and you even made an awesome site of your own! I was wondering why I haven’t come across it before but it seems it was created after I dropped off from Gunpla entirely. Glad I came across it by chance.

  4. Welcome back! I was wondering when I’d see posts from you again. Great to have you back, I suppose it’s time I updated my site since I’ve gotten back into building as of late..

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