Gunpla Projects This Month

Moving on from the Panda’gguy to something I am a little more familiar with now – actual Gundam models. Hopefully after these projects, I will have become accustomed to the workflow again and start going serious business with the Master Grades. Oh don’t worry… I am still as slow as ever if not even slower than before. This pile will probably take me until the end of the month. My last MG was FangJoker back in 2012?!


The next upcoming review. Just thought that it will be fitting that the first Gundam review of the year will be none other than the RX-78-2…


… And it will actually be the fastest and easiest since I’ve already built it… way back in 2012 ^^; While I was in Japan no less…


After the RX-78-2 review, I am thinking of working out this model. My friend gave me this model (and another one) when he quit gunpla like… 6-7 years ago?! So this kit has been in my room for at least that long.


Har har remember the good old days when Bandai was generous and include effect parts or extra weapons with your model? Nowadays you have to go to P-Bandai and fork out the money for them. Ouch ^^;


Ah yes.. then finally, we come to the Kshatriya. The unfinished business. What was supposed to be my last review before I left for Japan is still here, waiting for the closure that it deserves. I even had an omake in mind too…

Then I opened the box and found all the accessories and junk that I have put inside while cleaning my room one last time before leaving. My broken GFF Gundam X, assortment of beam sabers, my now-defunct credit cards, random weapons, and even a couple of action bases. Oh, and the MG cow. I was wondering what happened to that…

If I ever get the 1/144 Gundam X, I am so using this to make it the X-Divider. Too good to waste.


Oh ho! Now this is a surprise. I thought this kit was unfinished but everything is actually already assembled! I honestly don’t even remember finishing the straight-build haha. Some parts are even topcoated already! I just need to topcoat the rest and it will be good to go! But alas, the cold weather does not permit finishing the job hence this model will have to go last.

RX-78-2 Review hopefully by the end of this week.