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This was the fate of all my SH Figuarts Kamen Rider figures. I had to clean my room before I moved to Japan but I was running out of time so I just threw them all in a cardboard box. Finally took them out of the closet today. Man… that’s a lot of money I’ve spent on Kamen Rider figures in like… one year’s worth of time.


And I still have these guys that I haven’t reviewed either! I just dug them out from the corner of my room to give it a good dusting with a swiffer. I don’t even remember where I got the Kuuga from ^^;. Does any of you still watch Kamen Rider? I’ve given up on following it after OOO. I’m sure the stories are still great and interesting but the suit themes are just so terrible starting with Fourze. What I mean is their equipment and suits ARE straight up toys that look too ridiculous for my suspension of disbelief to handle.  I know the franchise is practically one big toy commercial aimed at kids, and it works, but the show used to be more passive about that stuff, the tone was more serious if not just darker, the main protagonist wasn’t a goody-do-gooder or a let’s-all-be-friends! type guy. How did we went from Kuuga to Kabuto to Fourze to… what in the world of Freakazoid is Kamen Rider Ex-Aid?! I really must be getting too old for this stuff.


Never got a chance to review my acquired SIC figures too. Think I’ll just leave them this way. Probably not going to review the other SHF either unless the KR bug bites me. Speaking of which, there hasn’t been a new MG Kamen Rider since OOO huh?


Last but not least, I’ve also acquired a SH Figuarts Vegeta once upon a time. I’m really bad at reviewing human figures (with facial expressions) but maybe I’ll give this a go later on.

Still focusing on Gunpla at the moment :)

8 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Stuff

  1. And the irony now bandai making ‘renewal; of some Figuarts you own XP…
    I remember once you told us about stop with kamen rider stuff and after that return focusing in gunpla XD but I didn’t know you have this much, I always though You only purchase the W series ^^
    as for MG kamen rider they stop make more after OOO,Kamen Rider #1,and #2 but back in 2014 they somehow reboot a new line called figurerise 6″ http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/search?typ1_c=109&cat=gundam&target=Series&searchkey=Figure-Rise+6 seems not successful enough so they only made kabuto and faiz LOL (why expect them to be sold well, when they are off scale from their Figuarts).
    anyway That the Vegeta Is a treasure :D even after renewal and premium color re–release I think that one still worth $200?

    1. Oh! I never knew those existed! The Figurise 6 models. I’m gonna have to look into those later. I want Kabuto but Faiz sounds good too.
      I’m not sure why the Vegeta is worth so much. It was only like… $40? when I bought it. Probably even cheaper haha. But that’s good to know!


  2. Like Aya mentioned earlier, in 2013, Bandai has started making the renewal figures of the early SH figuarts releases. Black and Black RX already got their renewal treatments. Kuuga, Agito, Kabuto, Decade, and W got their renewal treatments in the shinkocchou seihou line. I collect the lead rider suits from these figure line and I gotta say, these figures are extremely close to their show counterparts. I am looking forward for Bandai to release Kiva in the future and maybe, a renewal figure of Faiz!

    The catch is, these figures sold out very quickly and for whatever reason, Bandai made some ultimate forms exclusive nowadays (like what they pulled off with accel trial back in 2010). The Shinkocchou seihou kuuga ultimate form is an P Bandai exclusive even though back in 2010, they had no problem making the old kuuga ultimate form a regular release lol. Guess they’re not so generous now 😂.

    1. Thanks for the explanation on the renewals! I saw them when I was in Japan recently but the boxes didn’t show what was inside and they were all behind display cases going for $100+, I didn’t know what I was looking at except that they are SHF. I gotta look into them now too!

    2. Exclusives ? Not just Figuarts, Gunpla also have Couple premium bandai model kits every month :D but sometimes got re-release :P

  3. The funny thing is that the series with the goofiest suits (Gaim, Ex-Aid) are actually pretty dark compared to the other post-Decade rider series. Especially Gaim, it was most definately a breath of fresh air at the time.

    You’re pretty spot-on about the other recent series, though.

    1. I’ve heard good things about Gaim as far as story goes so makes me want to give it a slight view. I just can’t take the suits seriously. As much as I like darker stories, I don’t like it when it is like Zeta-Gundam dark like Faiz and Ryuki because then, it is just depressing ^^;.

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