WISP 02: HG Destiny Gundam

The straight build is 100% complete, weapons included. However, after looking at the finished product, I am pondering if I should take the few extra steps to do some paint detailing on it.p1180987

Like the thrusters on the legs. I can’t believe it came in white! So wondering if it is worth the trouble to hit it with some gray.p1180986

And here we have some very monotone weapons. Some color correction would really help it out here a bit. I am usually apprehensive about painting for color correction than little details because of the time and patience it takes. I don’t have the skills ^^;p1180988

Despite the huge amount of foil stickers (common for its time), the design is decent and the proportions are sharp. More anime-accurate than the stylized MG and RG models if that is your preference.

Well, if I am going to do some painting and topcoating then it will have to wait. Portland is currently experiencing a late/super early white Christmas with record snowfall so I can’t work outside.

Maybe I’ll build or do something else for the meantime…

2 thoughts on “WISP 02: HG Destiny Gundam

  1. Finally Seeing a Destiny Model post that not MG Dragon Momoko LOL of course just kidding, but MG Destiny Dragon Momoko photos rule over the net early last year :P .. somehow …
    Seeing Destiny and Gundam G30 them side by side we can See how Gunpla improve after 5 years(?) :D now it’s over a decade and HGCE just release SF so yeah soon a Destiny too, I guess

    1. Dragon Momoko huh… thanks to BK, I learned of that model. Apparently, it’s modeled after the Metal Build Destiny. Cool I guess. Not really doing anything for me… or maybe I just didn’t see any impressive photos of it to find it appealing. Plus I am done with bootlegs after the Gundoom.

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