Linking to Your Gunpla Reviews

Don’t mind the photos… I just don’t know what to use for this subject ^^;. Do you review Gundam models on your blog? Are you on my blogroll? How about maybe a little more traffic to you? If you answered “yes” to any one of the aforementioned then I have a little something for you.

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Kamen Rider is NOT Popular

Well… at least according to this blog, it isn’t ^^;. Some of you might remember that not too long ago,  there was a period when this blog pretty much became “Kamen Rider Inochi” and that was probably confusing some of you haha. I did that very intentionally just to gauge reaction, interest, feedback and discover if others have similar feelings toward KR; according to the KR poll (500 voted), opinions were split right at 50/50 so it’s “damn if I do and damn if I don’t” xD. Continue reading “Kamen Rider is NOT Popular”

Lancelot Albion Ver. Ka Review

Here’s a good way to kick off a new month- Review for the Composite Ver. Ka Lancelot Albion! Didn’t know where to put it so I threw it in the “Random” section of the blog. Be warned though… There is bashing and ranting in it. The photos might look a bit odd and off in the review because I did the photoshoot with my GF1 instead of my XSi since I am still unfamiliar with its capabilities. Practice makes perfect!

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Not really a “review” but out of boredom, I took out the figure that my friends got me for my last birthday and snap a few shots:D. Cute little girl but I have no idea how to talk about it. I also realized  I don’t know to take photos of humans ^^;. I believe this is a “mecha musume” or something. Not really my thing but it’s interesting to try other otaku stuff every now and then xD.Well, feel free to check it out if you’re interested. Nice to see something random here every once in awhile xD.

Gallery here

Seattle road trip tomorrow!