Master Grade Gunpla Wishlist

All of us have a MG wishlist… or just a Gunpla wishlist in general. Some of the mobile suits we want a model of could take Bandai months to years depending various factors. Some will probably never even see the light of day (barring resin and custom mods). Here’s my MG wishlist that will probably remain just that- a wishlist. Why? No mainstream exposure, relatively obscure (so “not popular”), no easily accessible media depicting them, and most likely cost prohibitive… so this is not your typical “I want MG 00 Raiser/Wing Zero/X/(popular Gundam here)” that will probably materialize at some point. Now, in no specific order…

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Linking to Your Gunpla Reviews

Don’t mind the photos… I just don’t know what to use for this subject ^^;. Do you review Gundam models on your blog? Are you on my blogroll? How about maybe a little more traffic to you? If you answered “yes” to any one of the aforementioned then I have a little something for you.

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Forgotten Gundams

Well… maybe not so much “forgotten” but there a few Gundam models and stuff that rarely (or never) crosses my mind that I have them or when I think about my next project. This is because whenever I decide on my next project, I go straight to my “Future Project” page to check out what I have left instead of looking around my room ^^;. Also most of these were shelved immediately after I got them without second thoughts heh…

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Kamen Rider is NOT Popular

Well… at least according to this blog, it isn’t ^^;. Some of you might remember that not too long ago,  there was a period when this blog pretty much became “Kamen Rider Inochi” and that was probably confusing some of you haha. I did that very intentionally just to gauge reaction, interest, feedback and discover if others have similar feelings toward KR; according to the KR poll (500 voted), opinions were split right at 50/50 so it’s “damn if I do and damn if I don’t” xD. Continue reading “Kamen Rider is NOT Popular”