Super Robot Wars V Trailer 2

It’s been so long since I’ve played any SRW games. My last game was SRW Z2.2 Saisei-hen and that was an awesome chapter. Since then, I’ve been sort of out of the loop. It’s amazing how far this series have progressed since the days of still images sliding around on screen with squiggly lines for effects. Now you have rotating backgrounds, cutscenes, real official BGM, and animation that could put some anime to shame (watch Space Battleship Yamato’s part in the trailer!).

Super Robot Wars V(oyage) is the latest series due next month, bringing in many new robot series but also a few that were just in the last big title (SRWZ3) like Gundam UC, SEED Destiny, Gundam 00, Zeta Gundam and a few others. In a way, this sort of looks and feels like an extension of Z. Even with V in its title, there is no V Gundam, Voltes V or Combattler V. I don’t think I have seen those guys since the Alpha series.

But it’s nice to finally see non-anime Gundam series finally being included!


Okay, ZZ is an anime but still good to see it back after a long disappearance too. Judau doing his best impression of Dankuukougaken.


Nobody likes Hathaway in Char’s Counterattack. I’m not even sure I will like him in his own series either but the Xi Gundam is way cool. Sucks what happened to him though.


Missing since Alpha 2, it’s great to see Crossbone Gundam in SRW again! Who doesn’t like UC pirate-themed Gundams that are melee-oriented? Muramasa Blaster anyone? C’mon Sunrise, give us an anime adaption already.


Though not a Gundam, I was hoping to see GaoGaiGar return to SRW but this Might Gaine looks good. Never seen the anime though.

SRW games are now easier to play and enjoy than ever thanks to the Asia version having ENGLISH SUBTITLES in the gameplay now. That is like a dream come true for fans outside of Japan who can’t read Japanese. Might have to pick this up if it looks more promising.

Anyone else still play SRW?




Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Wars Z PV3

Just about two more weeks to go until the release of the Second Super Robot Wars Z! I’m so looking forward to it even if I don’t have a PSP yet. From the PV, the animation looks just as good as the first game on the PS2. I’m amazed that the PSP is even capable of handling voice-overs on top of such splendid animation o_o.

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Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Wars Z

It seems like it really is the end for SRW games on the PS2 now that we have a sequel game being released on a different console than the original ToT. SRWZ2 will be for the PSP instead on 4/14/2011. Mark your calendars! This is actually the first part of the sequel and the second part will be released later so we only get the first season of some of the series (Gundam 00, Gurren Lagann, and Code Geass comes to mind). Other noteworthy series (to me) include:

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Lancelot Albion Ver. Ka Review

Here’s a good way to kick off a new month- Review for the Composite Ver. Ka Lancelot Albion! Didn’t know where to put it so I threw it in the “Random” section of the blog. Be warned though… There is bashing and ranting in it. The photos might look a bit odd and off in the review because I did the photoshoot with my GF1 instead of my XSi since I am still unfamiliar with its capabilities. Practice makes perfect!

Thanks for looking!