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  1. After finally wrapping up my PG Strike Freedom, I definitely think it’s gonna be a fun time when you get around to building another PG of yours. Maybe see if I can finish my PG Red Frame before you so it takes me less than six months, haha.

      1. Don’t feel so bad, Z; I’m currently working on review of a measly already-assembled figure, and it’s review should’ve been done in early-July at best. :)

      2. Ain’t that how it always goes? I’ve got the PG Wing Zero in the works now, looks like it’ll be done in a lot less time unless the LED shenanigans for the wings hold me up.

  2. Hey Z, any plans to get a RG Strike? I just finished working on it and all I can say is that it is a fantastic kit. The level of detail is great and felt like a mini PG to me. However, since you finished your own PG Strike not too long ago you may wnat to skip it and go straight for the RG Freedom…

  3. I recently got the kotobukiya version of the Dygenguar & Aussenseiter. The model kit is more towards the HG grade but after putting everything together, it look way more awesome than any of the MG gunpla lol. A few friends of mine wondered if it is possible to just order the Aussenseiter throught the parts replacement form on the manual lol.

    The ones you have are the megahouse SD version. I heard that they look quite good as well and hope to see you do a review of them :)

  4. I’m a HUGE 00 fan, and i was going insane scouring the web for those rasiel, sefer, and XN raiser kits. what’s the deal, are they promos, or something?

  5. I’m curious, Z: Have you ever thought of giving some of your photos a good dressing up with at least a couple of diorama parts for the heck of it? *shrug*

    I had thought about getting a few diorama-related items and dressing up my little photo area with ’em and snap a few shots to pizazz it up a bit, or give a sense of scale for these models, or something…

    And a happy new year to you, Z.

    1. if I’m going to be using diorama parts, it would be real scenery like my backyard or some place. I can’t stand props in my photos since it makes the photo look so… half-assed. unless I go all the way and actually build a diorama. But that’ll never happen.

    1. I second the question of this fine gentleman. I was expecting at least a Merry Christmas/New Years post. Oh well. Take yer time, Z; at least yer still tweetin’ and replyin’ to comments, eh?

    2. Because I got nothing to update about… ^^; Figured if I’m going to come back with a new post, it better have some real content (a review) but that’s not happening any time soon now that school started *sigh*….

      So yea… best I can do right now is answer questions here and there.

      1. How is your health now? Wish you a prosperous and happy Chinese new year. Doing this early because who knows when you’ll read this. :D

      2. I guess there are some time for other stuff as well. Wishing you the best on whatever you’re doing right now. There is no need to rush about blog updates, we will wait hehehe. And when that time comes maybe I could show off a finished pg strike (not on this month or the other month that’s for sure but I will since this will be my first pg that I would buy)

  6. *wave* Hi, Z. I may not be reviewing much of anything lately, but as I still photograph the runners as a “should I change my mind” precaution, I’m down to my last model in my backlog… And when looking at it, I must say it’ll be interesting to compare your (or another person’s) MG V-Dash Gundam with my 1/144 equivalent.

    So far, I’m looking at the runners, and I’m saying to myself, “…This is a NG model? This is a 1993 NG model?” Because from seeing how parts separate and the amount of accessories, you’d think this was an HG model from at least a few years later. I have 1999 NG models and maybe even one HG model that could likely be put to shame by this.

    But I’m just looking at the runners (photographing both sides for a change); maybe I’ll be underwhelmed once it’s assembled. And since it is a standard 1/144 model, paint to even approach the basics of the color scheme is required in a couple of areas.

    Just something to chew over for whenever you can (and decide) to get back to your Gunpla hobby (reviewing or not). *shrug* In the meantime, I hope you’re doing well in life.

  7. If you are planning to stop using the two way stand for the PG 00 raiser, are you willing to sell it since it is not available in any PG 00 raiser kits.

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