Fix Figurations

#1004 GFF Metal Composite RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. Ka

PLAN 303E Deep Striker

Gundam GP03S Stamen and Weapon System

Full Armor Gundam MK III

Perfect Gundam [Frame Model]

Full Armor Gundam [Blue Version]

Crossbone Gundam X-3 / X-1 Kai Full Cloth

Xi Gundam / Penelope

Hyaku Shiki / Full Armor Hyaku Shiki Kai

RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. ka (HK Expo Limited Edition)

Zeta Plus A1 / C1 [Bst] Wave Rider

Zeta Plus A1 / C1 [Bst]

God Gundam and Nobel Gundam

Full Armor ZZ Gundam

Nu Gundam HWS

Full Armor Gundam Mk. II

Ex-S Gundam

Ex-S Gundam Taskforce Alpha

Gundam X / Gundam X-Divider

Crossbone Gundam X-1 / Crossbone Gundam X-2

Wing Gundam Ver. ka

Mudrock Gundam / Gundam G05

Gundam F-90 / Gundam F91 Harrison Color

Gundam F91 / Gundam F90 II

Gundam GP04 / Gerbera Tetra

27 thoughts on “Fix Figurations

  1. wow you really did do an overhaul of this place! it looks great! your site traffic is well earned! only thing is that some of the pics dont match the captions on this page. but great as usual

  2. Thanks Busterbeam! hey, if you don’t mind (and if you ever check back to this page again xD)… can you let me know your resolution and a printscreen of how this page (or my blog in general) looks like on your monitor? I’m still trying to get a width that’s works for everyone. Thanks!

  3. hey man im using widescreen 1366×768 and it looks great. going for 1280×720 is probably safe tho. if you ever want a quicker response from me you can post on my blog somewhere or just mail me. my address is posted there. im not sure if there is a way to subscribe to all the things i post on. if there is i havent figured it out yet.

  4. (IMO) I think people buy GFF because its a nice display and you don’t have to do any of the work! But it’s also nice to put some work in what you show off. GFFs are just great displays that could make a crudy(no offense GFF owners)room look pretty good.

  5. I sound stupid for asking this, but does GFF Stand for “Gundam Fix Figureation”? I’ve always wondered what it meant…

  6. While I pondered about what models to get, after you swatted down my idea of getting Katoki’s RX-78, I mentioned pondering about GFF figures with the RX-78 as a base, but you’re so-so about them, and they’re more expensive (the MCs especially). Though I could always try getting rich and buying the 1/35 display-only Gundam ver. Ka at Tamashii Nation… *shrug* But it wouldn’t be any fun to have.

    I wanted to post that there’s a little photo report of TN2009 over at the GFF Maniax website, and as far as GFF goes there are a bunch of Zeonography, from multiple Zaku variants to the HiZack and Dra-C. They even got a couple 00 Regions out to preview, an early version of the second GFFN (Aile Strike) has finally went from computer to display, and it seems the Crossbone Gundams are getting the Robot Damashii treatment.

  7. Yo Z, I remembered you saying that you ordered both the metal composite ZPluses? Not to rush you or anything, but have you received them yet?

  8. pluto, I actually canceled my order at the last minute. Everyone thought I made the right choice so I didn’t reconsider ^^

  9. ah…so it was here… not really price but more like absolutely no space and thoughts about the future. After hearing how Bandai skimped on those two, I felt glad that I didn’t waste my money on it.

  10. Pluto: From what I’ve read (and probably from this blog too), you would get more articulation of the 1/100 MG RX-78-2 Gundam ver. Ka than you would with any of the RX-78 GFF MC counterparts. I hadn’t touched my Wing ver. Ka GFF in a while, but whenever I had, it felt it just had the basic amount of articulation and nothing more. I think what the pinnacle of GFF is (be it the normal/Zeon/Cosmic/00, MC, or GFFN lines) is up to one’s own interpretation. Sure, I don’t have GFF from those other lines to completely confirm that, but I’m sure you’d see mixed reviews about GFF in all. Maybe as GFFN expands a bit beyond its two figures (Z II and the upcoming Aile Strike), it’ll be different, but I doubt it.

    By the way, Z, are you turning this blog into a DS interface with the color-changing? :P

  11. Plutoniumhunter, don’t know where the link went but there was a forum where peole were raging at how Bandai skimp on the painting and detailing and most of the parts were just colored plastic. GFF are known and bought for their highly detailed paintjob. From what I saw from the pics, the figures just looked like a really expensive 1/100 model (and not a MG at that).

    Siroh,however one interpret what the pinnacle of GFF is… it is definitely not articulation xD. I try not to bash GFFs for their apparent lack of articulations but rather their flimsiness that tends to plaque most of them. There’s actually a reason for my color changing and I thought it was kinda apparent… ^^; (maybe if I do it more on time enough…)

  12. Ah, I see… thanks a lot, I’ll probably cancel my order now that you mentioned it… Maybe I’ll just get a ‘normal’ GFF Zeta Plus… Would you recommend that? I guess my definition of ‘pinnacle of GFF’ would be the price, which is an absolute monstrosity… Not that I can’t afford it, but i’ll feel the burn everytime I look at it. Actually im more of a HGUC guy, so the ‘normal’ GFF Zeta Pluses initially appealed to me, but then this monster came out and I thought, ‘why not’? Anyway the smaller Zeta Pluses are also harder to find… Hobbylink lists them as ‘discontinued’

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