GFF Crossbone Gundam X-1 / X-2

This is GFF #0016a (X-1) and #0016b (X-2). I decided to combine the two reviews because they are practically the same figure but with different color scheme and head. The X-3 came a little later in the line-up. It’s this GFF that I first learn of the Crossbone Gundams and thought the pirate theme was a bit strange at first then I grew to love it ^^;.

Most of these photos are very old as you can see my old room and lack of space to properly work on my stuff ^^;. I would retake more new photos but I’m surprised that the old photos can still help me get my point across.

Crossbone Gundam X-1

The usual affair with earlier GFF is that its range of motion is very restricted and infested with marking details. Maybe it’s because my figure is really old or something but the white has a bit of a light yellow tint to it compared to my more recent X-3. Accessories include an abundance of little weapons like daggers, shot lancer, beam “daggers”, the coolsome beam zamber/zambuster, a pistol and a highly detailed plastic ABC cloak (there’s also a cloth one if for some odd reason, you prefer that instead). An additional head with the face vent opened is also included for that awesome evil look.

Cue all the great things GFF are known for. The plastic feels rugged and durable. The joints took some shaking to loosen up at first and the paint smell went away after a few days. A few paint imperfections here and there but I’m glad there wasn’t much warping (unfortunately, the v-fin is th most susceptible to that).

As you can see… GFF has close to nothing in terms of poseability and the best you can do with its accessories is just make the Gundam hold it and… stand pose. Putting the thick plastic ABC cloak limits the Gundam to just standing but increases the badassness a few notch ^^;.

Crossbone Gundam X-2

This one is piloted by the bastard ZABINEEEEEE. The only differences between the X-2 and X-1 in the GFF line-up are the color scheme and head; the X-2 has a different v-fin. Anything I said about the X-1 applies here as well.

Looking at the two side by side, I must say… I like the X-2 more because its color scheme stands out better and hides the plastic impurities better. I don’t see any need to pick up both of them unless you want to since it’s not like there’s unique conversions for the two like the F-91/F-9-. You’re simply choosing the color scheme.

2 thoughts on “GFF Crossbone Gundam X-1 / X-2

  1. Gotta love Crossbone Gundam, it has the most badass designs from all the UC. While I don’t have either of these GFF, I do have the MG Crossbone X-1 Ver. Ka, but I ended up painting it almost like the X-2 lol, it does look cooler ^^

  2. Like Beamknight, I have the ver. Ka MG as well. I wish it would have come with a ABC Cloak like the GFF versions. The MG version is terrible.

    That being said, I agree, the Crossbone design is one of my all time favorites. I thought the whole Pirate idea was silly back when I was just stepping into the Gundam Universe, but now I literally adore it. Especially seems Kincado, Zabine, and Bella were basically pirates out in the Jupiter sphere.

    I also like the explination to the X thruster design too.

    I’ll have to keep an eye out for the X2 GFF. It would look nice next to my X1 MG.

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