GFF Ex-S Gundam Taskforce Alpha

The Ex-S Taskforce Alpha… the fact that this GFF came right after the GFF Deep Striker makes it rather…unspectacular (on Bandai’s part). Nonetheless, I bought it because I thought there might be something slighly different about this one than #0011 (original Ex-S…which I also have) but seems like there is none except for the paintjob and shoulder markings. An interesting note is that this GFF (or mine at least) came with a giant sheet of Ex-S decals… what is it for? I don’t know because the decals seem to be for a 1/100 model (each marking is rather large) and not a 1/44 figure. Maybe it’s for the MG Ex-S Gundam? I guess I’ll find out when I build my Ex-S…

This GFF is exactly the same as GFF#0011 so choosing which one to get is your color preference.

One thought on “GFF Ex-S Gundam Taskforce Alpha

  1. Hey Z, you said yourself that the MG can’t pose much but if you were too choose which is more poseable which is better, this GFF or the MG?

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