GFF Ex-S Gundam

This is a Gundam from the Sentinel series designed by Hajime Katoki and #0011 in the GFF line-up. There’s another one called the Ex-S Taskforce Alpha with a slightly different color scheme. I don’t know how those two are so different that it needs two different GFF #’s instead of doing a/b. This is the same with the FAZZ and Full Armor Double Zeta. Nonetheless, both GFF are great.

Out of the package, the figure comes in the S Gundam form with all the boosters and whatnot you can strap on to make the Ex-S. A white display name base with optional stand is also included for that nice display touch. The figure itself is very solid and sturdy; a rarity in the world of GFF. The joints are stiff and strong and the legs actually required some force to bend. None of the parts on itself are loose. Just connected the booster and beam smart gun and you’ll have yourself the clean looking S Gundam.

The next step is the muscular Ex-S Gundam. Just plug in all the booster parts, replace the backpack and snap on the leg armor and you’re set. it’s more straightforward than the Zeta Plus GFF. In this mode, it can’t stand on its own for the most part so you’ll need to use that stand attachment. I love the giant boosters and tank, it makes the Gundam stand out without looking big. Beam smart gun and blue beam sabers (hot!) are your only choice of weapons.

The markings on its body are just perfect. They aren’t excessive but enough to give it a detailed professional display piece look to it. The best part of this GFF is that mostly all of the pieces that come with it are used! so there’s no Ex-Sessive leftover parts inside the box like the conversion figures! xD

Of the two Ex-S… I prefer this one better because it has a nicer color scheme.

5 thoughts on “GFF Ex-S Gundam

  1. in the world of 00 kits, you’d call this the designers colors version cause of the light blue lol

    awesome looking gff. i’ve always fancied the S and Ex-S no matter what color scheme and yes I really do love the light blue beam sabers \m/

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