GFF Full Armor Gundam MK III

I actually had no idea that this Gundam existed before its GFF announcement. After checking its lineart out, I thought it would make an awesome GFF. I definitely liked the Zeta Gundam-esque body design and thought it was even transformable but surprisingly, it doesn’t. When its Full Armor version appeared in GFF form, I was shocked… first at how hot it looks and by its color scheme. It’s color scheme was atrocious! It was like the engineers were spray painting in the dark! “White on gray and red? Wtf?” were my thoughts and I berated this GFF until its release. I’m a sucker for “Full Armor” Gundams though so I grabbed it anyway in hope that I’ll get used to the awful color choice…

Out of the Box

I like how there’s so little wasted parts in this GFF. You basically have the Gundam, armor parts, weapons, and base. Most of the parts will be out on display and few will be back in the box. Please stop using metal wires for packaging, Bandai!

The Gundam

I find it strange how Bandai didn’t incorporate the Frame Model on this GFF like the previous two GFF (Perfect Gundam and Full Armor Gundam) but they put it in Gundam NT-1 which came out after the Gundam Mk III. With that said, this GFF is solid and completely stiff out of the box; it has absolutely no articulation except basic range of motion but even that was restricted. It took a few snap and twist to get the joints to move smoothly.

Very few Gundams can look great at every angle and the MK III is one of them. This Gundam really looks good almost anywhere; its streamlined design allows for that kind of stance where I can take pictures at all sides. I especially like the design of the face; it’s plain and has this grim look on it. Although it has no articulation, this Gundam can look great just by standing (like the Nu Gundam). My main design gripe I have with this Gundam is the rear skirt which is just one big weird looking piece; it has this big flat piece sticking out for no reason (see the side shot) and it just swivels around. Very annoying.

Additional armaments include two bazookas, a pewpew machine gun (not listed on box but thats what it looks like), and an obligatory Hyper Beam Cannon for the Full Armor. Those are actually cannons on the shield but I stuck the beam sabers in there because it looks a lot cooler than the generic beam saber it has.

Armor Up

Putting on the armor for this Gundam is quite simple (there’s not much to it) but it can be quite susceptible to potential fitment problems and parts just outright falling off like the chest piece and the two shoulder cannons since they are just tucked in on the Gundam.

Full Armor Gundam MK III

After seeing the Full Armor Gundam MK III in person, I take back what I said about its horrible color scheme. The gray and white contrasts very nicely together and doesn’t look awkward as I initially thought. The Gundam just looks simply incredible. Amazing details as usual but what I love most is the armor design- it’s still your usual unrealistic excessive and non-functional katoki design but at least this one doesn’t bulk up and at least looks like it can still be very mobile, making it something along the lines of a Ex-S lite and FA Hyaku Shiki Kai. The obligatory giant gun, Hyper Beam Cannon, completes the Full Armor package.

Articulation Abuse

Though I did say this Gundam’s articulation sucks, it didn’t stop me from attempting to pose it. As a consequence, I’ve actually destroyed the stiffness on the legs and it became very loose… almost unable to support its top weight. At that point, I knew I’ve taken it too far. Hahah… It’s all for the sake of this review.

Even without the Frame Model, this Gundam still makes a solid GFF in the line-up and easily became one of my top GFF right now. Initial impression of its color choice might not be easy on the eyes but in person, it actually works suprisingly well. Colors aside, the Full Armor is one of the best I’ve seen since the GFF Full Armor Hyaku Shiki. Mmm… now where’s my Master Grade version of this, Bandai?

12 thoughts on “GFF Full Armor Gundam MK III

  1. I always thought of this Gundam as the love child between Z and Mk II lol. I was also surprised to hear this had a Full Armor form but nevertheless, it does look cool. I also agree, this needs s MG model instead of more freaking Zakus -_-

  2. The MK.III was my second and probably last GFF. I had entertained the possibility that they’ll make a MG for it like they did with Shin Musha and the Crossbone X-1 but I was too impatient and in love with this MSV to wait. I had seen the FA lineart a long time ago but my mind tricked me into thinking that the main body was repainted white instead of keeping its original color.

    I had this pre-ordered on HLJ for months and that rush probably cost me. On top of the faults you mentioned mine came with a ton of factory defects. The v-fin was crooked, one arm was stiffer than the the other, the top right binder was loose and comes off, one of the back cannons won’t pivot forward as far as the other one, one of the FA leg parts left a seem.

    After I opened it I put it on the stand in FA mode (keeps leaning to the right for some reason) holding both beam rifles with the beam blades on the shoulder cannons and haven’t touched it since. What’d you do to mess up the leg stiffness? And did you ever manage to mount the bazookas on the hook impressions on the backpack? It’s damn near impossible.

    I’m resisting the temptation to just glue the FA parts on and keep it that way. Is there a method to make a permanent sticky layer on the inside of the armor parts? Especially for the chest and skirt armor.

    Also, as a fellow owner of several Zeta-era kits, have you ever noticed that their beam rifles tend to be extra long to the point where you always have to tuck their butts under the arm pits in forward poses?

  3. Rodrigo, you’re actually not that far off on that idea ^^. Just look at the shoulder, body and legs. They do give off a Mk II vibe. I think the full armor was newly designed just for the GFF. I could be wrong since I don’t even know this Gundam existed before its GFF ^^;

    AceWhatever, I think if we’re gonna get an MG for it… it’ll be probably only like the Zeta Plus. No Full Armor. Sorry to hear about all the defects yours have, I thought first batches would be the one to be free of most of the errors. I destroyed the stiffness simply by forcing it to pose, spreading the legs farther apart (which it wasn’t meant to be able to do) ^^; if you look at the first shot and compared to the last, you see the legs are farther apart. It has to be that way because if I put it back in the original pose, the top would fall back with or without armor. I managed to put both bazookas on the back straight after some fiddling but I forgot to take pics of it. As for the chest and skirt pieces, I think you’re better off just not touching the Gundam after putting it on display. Sadly, there’s not much you can do about those parts since they literally just hub on but without actually being pressed flat against the Gundam so gluing doesn’t help as effectively. Yea… I love how long the beam rifles are! The Zeta, the Z Plus, and this MK III. It looks good and all but not quite practical and easy to pose with.

  4. hey there, got linked here somewhere (see the comment above) and i found out that this page is a good place to read about GFF. Like ur review. This Mk-III is my first GFF and i’m thinking of buying another one to pair it up. Any suggestions?

  5. The MKIII is quite a standalone Gundam and I also had a hard time figuring out which Gundam to put it next to on my shelf ^^;. How about another FA-type Gundam like the FA MKII or FA Hyaku Shiki Kai? better yet… a Deep Striker :D. Big guns go well with big guns.

  6. Found your site after looking for some reviews for GFF. About the parts staying put, did you try to use removable adhesive putty? The one that I have peels off pretty well. The stuff is works by reducing the gap between pieces and increasing friction. It comes off pretty well too.

  7. I always used something like elmer’s glue for the joints of my MSIA figures. At times I have to do so repeatedly when articulation is done so much. It works even for legs, though it doesn’t work as much on where the hinges are that are behind the “knee” guard, since I’m not as used to trying glue on something like that. I still try that on a couple of my figures (that have loose hinges/joints in those areas) and it does work.

    As far as aesthetics go, I guess I can get used to the color scheme of the Gundam Mk. III pretty well; at least more than others. My problem is the beam sabers at the front of the shield, but that’s a small nitpick of the kind that gets one’s self to just losing it after getting to asking what usefulness giant-looking mecha are in real life.
    While I like the Zeta Gundam and related designs, I would prefer the Zeta Plus A1 to the Gundam Mk. III. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that this isn’t a bad design, as far as aesthetics go. Though when comparing a photo of the figure to Kazumi Fujita’s illustration (which I’ve seen on the MAHQ website), I find Katoki does improve the design a bit.

  8. So far, as being a successor unit to the MK-II, I think this is a pretty unique-looking Gundam, I bet this will be my new favorite design, which is disappointing since it lacked any representation in plastic or resin, gotta love those Zeta legs.
    Another thing to say is that the sole purpose of the GFF is to “Stand there and look good at your shelf.”, it’s not meant to be flown around going all “Pew-pew, Ima’ shoot ya.” with it’s weapons$

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