GFF Full Armor ZZ Gundam

This is #0022 in the GFF line-up. The Full Armor ZZ is the “upgrade” of the ZZ Gundam… for lack of better wording about its add-on parts. The white FAZZ from Sentinel serves as a prototype to test out the ZZ’s Full Armor parts. Though the armor made it to the anime, the Hyper Mega Cannon did not.

The base figure is none other than the original ZZ Gundam. Thanks to Katoki doing the proportions, the ZZ Gundam doesn’t look as bulky as it should be like in the anime. The figure looks fantastic; simple, clean and uncluttered. My figure was probably a bit on the old side since quite a few places were warped T_T (can you point them out?). If I don’t tell you about it then you probably can’t see it outright… even with all the close-up photos! Cue all the typical compliments about the paintjob and details of your average GFF. Indeed, even without the FA parts on, the ZZ Gundam has a very “bad ass” stance to it. Range of motion is non-existant (even the the waist doesn’t twist) and the figure can’t transform into its G-Fortress mode (in this case, that’s a good thing… we don’t want flopping parts now do we?). You also get the usual amount of hands to hold the different weapons…namely a pair for beam sabers and one for the guns. The feel of the plastic on this figure is also more clay-like… meaning it’s delicate, not very flexible, and will probably break easier.

The FA parts requires minor removal of some parts of the original ZZ (backpack, front armor skirt, shoulder thingies, knees, heel, and some more… okay, so a lot of parts) but mostly just add right on top. Some of the FA parts aren’t pictured because they were already on the ZZ and I just didn’t bother taking them off ^_^; The one and only most annoying part is connecting the tube from the front of its waist to the back but it stays in nicely when plugged in. The completed figure is grand and outstanding. Even though it is bulky, borderline fat looking, in every aspect, the figure doesn’t look like it. It looks rather “muscular”; a dominating stance. The Gundam just looks… powerful! Add the Hyper Mega Cannon (which you need to remove a missile pack for) and this Gundam gives off the impression it’s one of those guys that you definitely don’t want to mess with.

Over time… the arm wouldn’t be able to support the HMC much longer on its own so Bandai was smart enough to include a clear base for the tip of the cannon so the ZZ can balance it on there. haha nice!… Too bad there’s no display base for the ZZ also. This is #0022 and no display base? The previous GFF have it so why not this one?

Overall though… this is one of the better GFF to have around that isn’t so frustrating and can actually make a big display statement.

3 thoughts on “GFF Full Armor ZZ Gundam

  1. wait, so it doesn’t even have a simple display base with the name and specs and all that? Like the F90/F91? I thought all GFF’s came with those white display bases! :\

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