GFF God Gundam and Nobel Gundam

This is one of my favorite fix figurations because it’s totally unlike the others. It seems that any product, be it a model or figure, for the God Gundam is always a little more special than the rest. It usually comes with better articulation. This figure is no exception. This GFF is also one of the nicest bang for the bucks in the line-up; you get two GFFs for the price of the average “smaller” (less gimmicks/conversion) GFF (~$35)!

I don’t know why Katoki or Bandai decided to include the Nobel Gundam but I’d much rather prefer the Rising Gundam for some Sekiha Love Love Tenkyoken posing.

Note: I used both old and new photos for this review ^^;

Out of the Box

Even with two GFF in one package, the box is actually quite slim compared to some. This is probably because there aren’t many big accessories and armor. Each figure comes with their own base and stand, multiple hands, and beam sabers.

Nobel Gundam

I don’t know why Bandai spelled it as Nobell but I prefer Nobel. Since this is a girl Gundam in a sailor fuku, the figure is very slim and has quite the flexibility (she can do the splits!). Combined with the numerous pairs of hands and you can put it in any girly poses you can imagine (it was hard for me).Two sets of “hair” are included; regular and BERSERK mode (it’s kinda creepy). I prefer posing her with the peace handsign ^^;. The beam hoop is also pretty fun to pose around with and it looks very cool swirling around her.

God Gundam

This is the main figure I was looking forward to. The God Gundam just have this UC look to it (probably from all the markings and straighter lines). The arm and legs are very easy to move. Almost a bit on the floppy side unfortunately. It still manages to stand very still and balanced though. There are plenty of MG gimmicks in this GFF like how the shoulders can pop out, the arms can twist and wide motions for the legs… abeit designed in a very unorthodox way. What I mean is… instead of using the tried-and-true design of MG joints, Katoki designed new joints for it that doesn’t seem to make better sense. Take the arms for instance… instead of being able to twist from below the shoulders, it twists below the elbow. The legs are CLIPPED IN sideways in the knee.

Aside from somewhat loose joints, there are some VERY loose parts. Namely the claws. They are clipped on openly so it can easily just fall off. Given this is a GFF, it’ll probably happen with others’ God Gundam as well. Besides this, everything else is solid ^^. This is probably because there aren’t many sliding parts in this figure that are supposed to slide; the chest plate is actually two different pieces (open/close) and the blue forearm piece changes peg holes to cover up the God Finger hands.

Articulation is on par or might even actually be better than the MG God Gundam. That’s very impressive for a GFF!

This GFF has showed me that it is not impossible to have both great details and articulation at the same time for its line-up. Why won’t Bandai/Katoki do this more often? The GFFs after this one are back to the usual restricted linear-motion figures. The GFF God Gundam is awesome!

15 thoughts on “GFF God Gundam and Nobel Gundam


    FINALLY AFTER LONG YEARS OF YEARNING, the gods have been merciful & released a model kit of my favorite Nobel Gundam! I sooo am going to buy this!

    Thanks for the review! BTW, just how big are these two compared to the 1/100 Gundam model kits?

  2. I see. So it could be as high as my Revoltechs (who are about 7 inches). Can’t wait to snap a shot of the God Gundam going against my Revoltech Shin Getter (and some classy shots of the Nobel while at it ^^)!

    I’m definitely getting these, thanks for the info!

  3. At last! A model of the only female-looking Gundam I know of! :D (in my book, Nadleeh doesn’t count). As a bonus, in the anime, it’s piloted by my favorite fictional character! XD

    As for God Gundam, the parts seem to be something I can overlook. Still, it’s nice to get a high-grade version of one of my favorite Gundams. :) (I like Nobel best for a variety of reasons)

    As for the scale, I’ve done my research, and they seem to be about the size of typical 1/144 scales. I haven’t seen the figures myself, so I can’t be sure. I’m taking a guess because I once saw a fix figuration RX-78-2 at a local hobby shop, and later found a picture that showed Nobel being around the same head height as it.

  4. I can see your God Gundam had a problem with its knee`s too , same spot as well , and i see that you glued it back together , PLEASE tell me what glue you used, my God Gundam is just laying on its back looking like the mafia took out his knees.

  5. yeah. my gff god gundams legs fell off as soon as i took it out of the box. they wouldnt clip back in so i ended up gluing them in.

  6. I hope they email notify you of comments on old blog posts. >.> I’m having the same problem as the guy two posts above. The clip in knee part for the God Gundam, on both legs, is almost fallen out, out of the box. They’re hanging on by a bit. I’ve never owned anything figure related before, so how should I glue it back together? I know nothing about what kind of glue to use, how exactly I should apply it, how I should clamp it to dry, or anything else at all. Please help; I really do love these figures. @_@

    1. oh man… i apologize for not seeing some of the comments on this blog. Easy to overlook even when I set up the “recent blurbs” to remedy that exact problem ^^;

      anyway, I forgot the name of the stuff as i don’t have it anymore. it’s a cement that melts the plastic together as opposed to sticking them together. It will require some cussing and a lot of patience since you have to time things just right and the damn thing takes forever to cure. Once it cured, you tried slipping the leg in then it’ll crack. If you slip it in too early, then the split will still be there and it’ll just come right off again (of course, there is no way to actually close the split tightly after you put the leg in). This is why the leg is soooo impractically designed. I believe your other hope would be cyano glue (stronger than krazy glue)

      1. Thanks for the speedy reply!

        Alright, well I’ve been looking around. Which do you think would be better?


        Both of these say fast dry, though, so I don’t know if they’ll be good enough.

        And about this:
        “you tried slipping the leg in then it’ll crack”
        Does this mean that I can’t wait for a fix to fully dry before I attach it? Do I need to try to insert it sometime while it is drying? Does also this mean that if I manage to put the leg back into the main body, it will no longer be removable? Not that I particularly want to remove it, but I hope the fix doesn’t become too fragile.

        1. WHile not the same brand, the first option was what i used to fix the problem. I think that bottle up there looks more promising though. I don’t think the legs are intended to be removed in the first place but even with the fix, it can still come loose by chance simply because when you snap the leg in, it will cause that little tear again. You have to slip it in just before it dries completely (so it doesn’t break again) since putting it too early, and the plastic is not even bonding. It’s not enjoyable at all and at worst, not a guarantee fix.

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