GFF GP04G / Gerbera Tetra

The RX-78GP04G Gerbera was one of the very first GFF I bought and I only bought it because I got it for cheap on ebay (some 20 dollars). I have no idea what it was back then and I still don’t. What I do know is that the details on it are stunning for a 1/144.

There’s not much in ways of different accessories (you get more pairs of hands) but you really don’t need much since it’s not a very poseable figure. Articulation is, at best, a little farther than “basic” motion. Even standing, the figure is nice to look at. Nowhere near boring thanks to its proportions and details, but left enough to desire for just a little more…like action poses.

Up to date, I think it’s the only GFF with a straightforward conversion. It doesn’t require much effort and it somewhat makes sense. The figure itself is also pretty sturdy; the parts are snug and there isn’t much risk for loose parts (well… there aren’t much add-on parts to begin with).

One thing I noticed about this GFF is that it’s the shortest figure out of all my GFF. It’s even shorter than the GFF Wing Ver. Ka so something tells me that it’s out of scale despite the box saying 1/144. Pre-F91 suits aren’t known to be short but quite the opposite.

Overall, it’s a good figure but not near “impressive” (aside from details but that’s expected of GFF) and no “flaws” (potential manufacturing impurities) that I could find that makes this figure a “waste of money”. Definitely worth displaying on your desk/shelf if you can pick it up for less than $25.

7 thoughts on “GFF GP04G / Gerbera Tetra

  1. What?? Less than 20 bucks??

    I paid more than 40 bucks for this!
    But that was last summer in asia and it was the only one I could find after a month of searching.

    Anyways, this is my FAVORITE gundam. So I’m happy I at least found it.
    Doncha just love those 3 fins in the back?
    Did you have problems with the right arm not being tight enough to the shoulder so it just flops down when you try to move it up?

    P.S., does this model go well with action bases?

  2. the shoulders on this figure is pretty floppy ^^;. I didn’t really play with it much. I haven’t tried putting this thing on any base though ^^;

  3. Blah. I’m about to go and order a clear blue action base just for this thing.(I got a thing about blue. hehe). Oh, well. If it doesn’t work I’ll just go use it for a hygogg.

  4. well I’ve just stuck it on my action base and… it looks really bad xD. Out of place and just doesn’t look good because this GFF can’t really pose much.

  5. haha, i can picture that. 2.0’s lookin’ like they’re flying while the GFF looks like it really hates having a stick up its crotch.
    But it does fit and stay on it, right?

  6. The RX-78GP04G Gundam GP-04 “Gerbera” was the Earth Federation’s last mobile suit in the Gundam Prototype series which unfortunately doesn’t finish it’s development in time, it was given to Anaheim Electronics which ended up with the AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra as the finished product which was sold to the Principality of Zeon’s Delaz Fleet and assigned to ace pilot Cima Garahau.

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