GFF Gundam F90 / F91 Harrison

GFF #0021a is the same as #0021b only that this one comes with F90 with the parts to change into Martin Harrison’s Gundam F91.

The F90 comes with a rather long rifle that makes it stand out as a figure but the Gundam itself looks a bit bland… almost generic. The color scheme is not bad though and every part of its body is very detailed with the red markings.

Conversion is exactly the same as with the GFF F91 from #0021b; you remove every parts except the legs intact and then you clip and slip and attach the Harrison’s F91 parts onto the bare body parts and put the Gundam back together. This process takes about half an hour or less if everything goes smoothly.

I left the figure as Harrison’s F91 because the parts were snug and virtually free of paint defect plus even up close, it looked way better than the F90. I also like its blue and yellow color scheme a lot more. This is what makes it unique. All of the F91’s weapons like the beam shield, VSBR, beam sabers, and beam rifle are included along with all the pairs of hands to hold them.

I left this figure in the F91 setup and compared to #0021b, this one looks a lot better and more original.

4 thoughts on “GFF Gundam F90 / F91 Harrison

  1. I got this one way back when I was still a rookie to Gundam. I tried to make it into the F91, but I ended up snapping the head and accidentaly gluing the cheast peice on. I regret doing that so much I cried my heart out….it cost me $40 that I saved up when I was a kid……my heart still aches every time I look at it….I swore that I would never buy another GFF again to prevent the same tragity from happening again, but I succumed to the 00 Region Exia, but I snapped the arm on him….man, I will NEVER buy another GFF in my life…I think I’ll stick to the HCM Pros and the MG’s…

  2. I have the MG F91 Harrison Martin version; I didn’t know the F90 was the base Gundam unit for the F91 though. Looks good btw.

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