GFF Gundam F91 / F90

This is one of my earlier GFF and I was pretty impressed with it at first but after playing around with it for awhile, it’s actually not that interesting compared to the rest of the line-up.

This GFF comes as the Gundam F91 with the optional parts to convert into the Gundam F90. Nothing about the two Gundams are similar except the feet and legs. Depending on how stubborn the parts are, the conversion can take some time… like around half an hour to 45 minutes. This is also probably the only playability value to this figure since it can’t really do action poses. Both comes with their own big guns (the one for the F90 is especially long) that’s sure to make the figures stick out in the group.

This is probably my least favorite GFF because I don’t find it to be as appealing as my other GFF. I just grabbed it because it was cheap!

Sorry for the low quality photos…they’re old and I didn’t think this GFF merit new photos unless someone request for them ^_^;


4 thoughts on “GFF Gundam F91 / F90

  1. Love your website, it’s influenced some of my GFF purchases a great deal since I’m a big fan of the Fix Figuration lineup (particularly Zeonography, but Deep Striker among others certainly has garnered my attention lately). Your detailed photographs and descriptions make the majority of your articles worth a look when I’m considering a GFF you’ve done a review of, or just browsing for fun.

    Anyway, I know you said this wasn’t one of your favorites, but I love the F91’s look and wanted to know how the overall quality of the figure was in either configuration? I’ve had some highs and lows with the GFF series (had some with fragile parts repaired and paint flaws corrected) and was hoping this one was on the better side in terms of sculpt and paint quality, said stubborn parts aside.

  2. ahh… F91 and the f90 are some of my favorite UC gundams…
    can I request for some higher quality photos for the F91???
    I would LOVE to see it!!

    1. *takes a look at where the box is* I would… only except the box is a bit hard to get to and all that part swapping isn’t exactly beneficial to the figure… ^^;

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