GFF Gundam Mk II

GFF #0019 is the RX-178 Gundam Mk II with two different “conversions”…. three if you count its original form. The FXA-05D Super Gundam (ahahaha “Super”) and the FA-178 Full Armor Gundam Mk II. First off, I don’t like the Gundam Mk II… To quote Char, “Guess the Mk II is just a Mk II after all”. There’s nothing striking or outstanding I find about it and I’ve never seen it as a threat towards its enemies like other Gundams have. The RX-78-2 looks a lot better compared to the Mk II too. The Super Gundam is a joke and it probably got its name solely for the fact that it is a GETTAI (“combine” like some super robots) of two units. My dislike for it originates from SRW Alpha Gaiden where I first saw and used it. I don’t hate this Gundam so blindly where I would disregard its model (I have the MG Mk II 2.0) and its GFF though if it merits being picked up.

Fresh from the package is the original Gundam Mk II… a bland looking figure but still nicely painted nonetheless. Solid paint job and very subtle detailing. Articulation is typical of the average GFF; it doesn’t have any. The waist can’t twist and all four limbs are restrictively linear. Beam rifle goes into the trigger hand, bazooka and beam saber goes into the open hand and the shield just plugs into its forearms. Very simple and sturdy… there’s nothing much you can do with its weapons except make the Gundam hold it while standing.

G-Defenser… umm.. yea. What’s there to talk about for this jet fighter by itself… It looks good? xD Really, I don’t think anyone grabbing this GFF actually wants the G-Defenser in particular or find it to be a buying factor >_> So it has missile pods, a long beam rifle, and just as good of a paint job as the Gundam. The head (the tiny fighter) detaches from the rest of the unit that connects to the Mk II on the back. Simply hook the G-Defenser unit on the back of the MK II and there you have it… the SUPER GUNDAM! … … *ahem* yea. The long beam rifle has a handle on top and on the bottom so you can choose how you want the figure to hold it. I personally find this to be a bit useless since the figure can’t pose and it’s more secure being able to connect it to the forearms anyway instead of resting on its shoulders. Nothing Spectacular… This is still the Mk II.

On to the reason why I bought this GFF… The really coolsome looking Full Armor Gundam Mk II. This is what I wanted from this GFF. Sure, it’s still the Mk II but the FA version actually makes it look badass. The FA design is unique and stylish and it makes a striking no-nonsense display of mechanical art. Tons of details. I admit I wanted this GFF after seeing Danny Choo’s ^_^. The FA Gundam Mk II is just awesome. It’s not without its quirks though, the booster cables from the legs can easily pop out of its rear armor skirt. That’s my only issue. Other than that, this GFF can just stand there and look good.

I actually took this figure out a long time ago. I saw the original photos I took were just disgusting so I disassembled the FA Mk II back to its original self and retake all the photos from there.

5 thoughts on “GFF Gundam Mk II

  1. Full Armor is ALWAYS good – For me. I like the Mk-II but maybe I’ve got used to see MG Mk-II Ver2.0’s design, i think that GFF ver of Mk-II isn’t very nice looking after all :(

    1. Or just as a reference to make the armor ^^. Haha What an honor… now i know who made that dendrobium! It is one insane work of art…

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