GFF Gundam X

The Gundam X looks lovely… from a distance. Get up close to take a look and you can see there might be minor imperfections here and there. Typical of the GFF line-up and the Gundam X is no exception.

I was thrilled when the GFF Gundam X came out as it gives hope that Bandai still remembers the series and this figure might pave the way for a MG Gundam X in the near future (or even the Double X). In this GFF, you can convert the Gundam X to either the X-Divider or G-bit (a mobile suit sized and shaped funnel).

The overall body of the figure looks really good and sharp but the face suffers from a really ugly design (doesn’t look bad in pictures) due to awkward looking eyes. It’s not a bad paintjob but the eyes just look funny. The decals on the shoulders adds a nice touch. The joints are stiff out of the package. Included are your multiple manipulators for holding the armaments. The “X” on its back opens nicely and the satellite cannon swivels smoothly. No problem in this general area of the figure.

Changing the Gundam X to X-Divider… was impossible. The boosters/binders on the bottom of its backpack does not fit snugly and falls off a lot. The pegs are tiny and there’s no way for that little thing to support the weight of the binder from the way it inserts into the backpack. Fail. Over time, after forcing it in for awhile, it doesn’t even stay in and just falls as soon as I let go. Disaster! The Beam Harmonica was what I was looking forward to in this GFF but alas, the hands that can hold it… really doesn’t do a great job. Put it on and it’ll just drop and hangs very loosely, making it hard to position it on the figure.

G-Bit… I didn’t even bother with this conversion. Not worth the time. I don’t like the design. My play time with this figure before it hit the shelf was also cut short due to a manufacturing defect. Mine came with a broken torso hook that connects the upper body to the lower body. It’s not completely broken off but cracked and so the torso is just slightly resting on the lower body to hold the figure together. I can still knock it in half. As far as I know, this is a common design defect that plagued many GFF Gundam X figures and I happened to be unlucky enough to receive one. Be careful when you wanted to order this figure.

Not being able to turn it into the X-Divider nor G-bit, I just combined as much parts as I can and came up with my own conversion… the Gundam X-X-Divider!

A nice display piece but doesn’t really merit $45-55 for it. I grabbed it for $35 ^_^;

11 thoughts on “GFF Gundam X

  1. Got mine I was really disappointed with the manufacturing defect this figure is really really fragile once handled and played a couple of times broken lol. I broke mine the one with the satellite handler on the back pack when I was about to spread the satellite the handler cut. I lost interest on taking pictures of it and was put back again on the box with out doing a review.

  2. Well, the closest it seems Bandai is doing after remembering Gundam X is making the GX and Double X available mobile suits to play as on Gundam vs. Gundam NEXT (and Unicorn Gundam has been recently revealed to be a hidden-but-upcoming MS for the same game).

  3. I wonder how the Double X will ever hit its (human) target with its Twin Satellite Cannon ^^;. But here’s hoping for a MG Gundam X/Double X! *is grasping at every gleam of hope*

  4. I’m not sure if it was this figure that paved the way, and I’m sure you know of the following by now, but there’s news of an HG 1/144 Gundam X due to be released in April (and an HG 1/144 ZZ Gundam in June, odd how it’s not an HGUC though). Yeah, it’s an HG in 1/144-scale and not an MG in 1/100-scale, but it’s a start, right? There’s also the possibility of an almost-1/144-scaled RD figure of Gundam X on the way in the future (though not near future).

    Even though it’s a 1/144-scaled HG model, would you still think about getting the model, Z?

    1. I didn’t hear anything about a HG 1/144 DX nor a non-HGUC ZZ… though I did saw results that people wanted a GX RD though. The Gundam X is nice but the only way I see myself picking one up is a MG Ver. Ka if it ever gets a MG treatment ^^; I don’t particularly like this Gundam nor dislike it so yea

      1. Well, I’m certain if you haven’t already checked a given blog like Ngee Khiong’s yet, you will, and you’ll find out not only will there be an HG 1/144-scaled Gundam X in April, God Gundam in May, and ZZ Gundam in June, but stuff like an MG Wing Gundam (ver. Okawara/TV ver.) coming out in April, Musha Gundam Mk. II in May, quite a few 00-related Gunpla/figures, and even more that either escaped my mind right now.
        I’ve been recently concentrating on 1/144s and would likely get these upcoming HGs, but I might finally try out the 1/100-scale by getting either one of three MGs I now have my eyes on.
        It’s also said that the new HGs might be a part of a new line-up that would mainly concentrate on the other AUs not focused on before (aside from now-old, discontinued models). I’m not sure if that’s truly the case, but regardless, the news I just typed up (that you either already or will find out by checking out other blogs) came as unexpected to me.

        By the way, why not try out 1/144s for a while? Didn’t that 1/60-scaled Strike Gundam just tire you out the same way the 1/100-scaled Sinanju did last year around this time? :)

  5. I think, the best beam harmonica is belong to 1/100 hg x divider.. man, it is black plated fins and the “cannon” parts were something that I never found in any gunplas

  6. Hey Z, How is the plastic feel on this GFF (an the others) are they hard plastic like regular bandai model kits or do they have a soft vinyl like material feel?

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