GFF Mudrock / Gundam G05

What a funny name. It says “Madrock” on the box but “Mudrock” on its base. This is your typical dated GFF with loads of details and one of many with the option to convert to another totally different (yet slightly similar) Gundam.

Posing on this figure is of course limited to basic movements and you should definitely watch out for impurities such as messed up paint and bent parts. I left it as the G05 because there’s more going on with it than the Mudrock.

5 thoughts on “GFF Mudrock / Gundam G05

  1. Not very poseable. At all. Quality can really differ between each individual figures but overall, it’s just decent. Worth it? Only if you can find it for cheap… like maybe less than $30.

    …wow, I didn’t really review this GFF at all o_o

  2. nope, you didn’t. Would like a lil more of an explination on this particular GFF. I’m ver intrested in the G05. I’m surprized they didnt have the G05 swap wit the G04, they’re the same mold only with diffrent colors and weapons.

  3. Yeah, this kit, I just got the parcel and opened it. Was very displeased. The pictures make it look better but its not poseable at all and my individual figure has horrible quality. I mean I can’t even get the hands to fit inside the hand sockets.

    I’d give this 2/5 stars. When I opened it I thought it was a knock off. Really dissapointed in Bandai’s quality with this one.

  4. I’ve been kinda disappointed with this one, largely because it just further increases my wrath about the Mudrock never getting a proper MG! I loved fighting the thing in Zeonic Front, but it took a backseat while Rick Doms and Gundams where getting Char’s Gihren’s Greed-treatment. And then the G04 and G05 (Which were pretty awesome!).

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