GFF Nu Gundam HWS

The Nu Gundam HWS is #0009 in the GFF line-up and so it’s actually one of the earlier figures so it didn’t come with a display base (sad) but the figure feels more rugged and could withstand abuse better than the recent GFF.

The base Nu Gundam figure is solid and weighty but don’t expect anything outside of basic articulation. The proportions are also much sharper than the MG Nu Gundam. Its ankles are obstructed a little and with its weird feet design, the Gundam might look a bit funny at some angles standing. Nothing serious. Another thing to note that this GFF only comes with one another hand (the “trigger hand”) to hold its weapon. This means the beam rifle, saber, and cannon have to be in its right hand unfortunately. Its fin funnels are just that… you clip them together and stack on its backpack. weeeee >_>; Well… they do look nice and are marked up well plus they fold… but can’t really use them for gimmicks if there’s no stand for it <_<

The HWS parts are just lovely. They are solid (one piece) and very detailed; I like all the markings on the shield. Everything just slides on. It’s so easy and stable. Seeing the GFF HWS makes me wish Bandai would churn out a MG Nu Gundam 2.0 w/ HWS O_O *drools* But that day will probably be awhile. The Mega Launcher or whatever it’s called from the HWS has chances of coming warped so do check if you can before you buy.

I really wish there was a display base for this GFF…. it would’ve made it that much sweeter to display…

One thought on “GFF Nu Gundam HWS

  1. *drools*

    lol damn that looks awsum! I want one!! But its hard to find GFF’s nowadays…wish i got one at anime expo while i had the chance…but this thing looks really detailed! The HWS is nice too, makes it look all nice and buff. xD
    Shame it doesn’t come with a stand though, it’d look great with one…especially with arms on the stand to display the fin funnels….ah, if only….

    I would like to see a MG version of this too but it probibly still wouldn’t look as good as the GFF. xD

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