GFF Zeta Plus (Blue)

Most of the pictures in this review are taken last year. I never planned on making such a blog a year ago and I didn’t have a good camera nor the workspace to take better pictures with better background so the old ones will have to do ^_^;

My third GFF. I’ve always wanted it since 2001 and finally got my hands on it in 2007. What a figure it is! The Zeta Plus is one of the more expensive and more complex figures in the GFF; it has multiple conversions and quite a lot of toys included.

In its basic MS form, this figure is pretty solid. No flimsy parts. No loose joints (for mine). It can stand pretty well and do minor action poses but don’t expect much range from it. The standard armaments include beam saber, beam rifle, and a sweet looking beam launcher and the necessary hands to hold all of them. Another thing is that you can swap the wing binders and crotch part between the A1 and C1. C1’s wing binders have dual boosters attached to it (the design makes no sense…).

Waverider- The easiest of the tranformation (not really) is the normal waverider. It’s not as ingenious as the MG Zeta Gundam in terms of design gimmick but there’s not many parts to remove (just the head). The usual body twisting and limb folding occurs like in the MG model but clipping them in place can be a pain and sometimes be a bit loose. Also, due to the warping/bending of the plastic over time, some parts might be harder to fit correctly than others or the final result might not look as smooth as you wanted to.

Hummingbird (Waverider w/ Boosters)- The mess of a waverider after you strap on the four booster blocks and beam smart gun on it. Since this was the one of the two “final” conversions, I passed on it (and saved it for the red Zeta Plus) for the other form

Last Form- The last big transformation of strapping all the booster packs on the MS mode of the Zeta Plus could be a bit ugly and require some effort and patience. With the plastic being so delicate, you have to force some resisting parts into place. The shoulders, wing binders and legs are removed then you perform operations from there, adding bigger guns and bigger packs. Process for me was a bit time-consuming. After completion, you probably don’t want to disassemble it. After completing it, the figure is very fragile and uneven. Balance would be a minor issue; it’s hard to make it “straight” as it will always lean towards one side depending on how old or how bad the plastic is. With all the add-on parts, it’s really hard to get it looking straight and keeping it that way.

This is one of my favorite GFF but the troublesome delicacy issue can be an eyesore to some.

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