GFF Zeta Plus (Red)

The review for this GFF is exactly the same as the one for the blue GFF Zeta Plus since they’re both the same figure.

The only difference is that I turned this one into its Hummingbird form instead. The process is a little harder than the other [Bst] transformation because you have to work and balance things out evenly if you want a symmetrical look from the front. It was a pain to get everything connected and straighten out. The final result is massive and a marvel of a figure to look at =)

4 thoughts on “GFF Zeta Plus (Red)

  1. Just got this and the blue zeta plus GFF off ebay for cheap. MISB. somehow the ones i got had some yellowings on the white paint as well as brownish er…shadowing/weathering? Not really sparkly clean GFF.

    Main complaints I have would be the bending/curving of plastic on some parts (not really straight) and a couple of loose fitting parts (for me it’ll be the C1 wings) and the beam smart gun in this hummingbird form. it kept falling off :( and the ending transformation ain’t really ‘straight’…as in the two big boosters aren’t aligned straight with its body.

    Otherwise…yeah…it’s awesome…as long as you don’t scrutinize it upclose.

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