GFF Full Armor Gundam [Blue Version]

This is the so-called “Limited” Full Armor Gundam (Blue Version). I know it is UC stuff but I have no idea about its backstory nor why this one is blue. I just picked this one up because the color scheme was unusual and I like Gundams with bulky add-ons ^^;. I don’t like the original green one though. Another thing going for this GFF compared to the previous figures is that this is one of the first to incorporate the new “Frame Model” structure.

Out of the Box

I like the newer packaging of recent GFFs. It looks better and a little more fancy. The back is now gray and the front plastic cover has a large transparent lineart of the Gundam that looks really cool.

This GFF includes a sheet of decal where you can customize the blue parts with. As usual, most of the parts and the Gundam are strapped by metal wires and tape. It’s a chore taking GFFs out of their boxes! I wish Bandai can make something more material and user friendly than this. I’m loving how there’s not an abundance of accessories here because that means there won’t be as many wasted pieces at the end. you get the blue armor parts and the usual pairs of hands, beam rifle, beam sabers, shield, etc.

The Gundam

If I’m right.. the basic figure in this GFF is the RX-78-2 Ver. Ka but just a little different from the GFF Ver. Ka I guess. The design does look a bit different (just look at the shape of the head). Either way, this is a RX-78-2 any way you look at it.

See… this RX-78-2 is slightly taller than the GFF Ver. Ka though both have very similar details including the markings. The first and most annoying thing that I noticed is that the shoulders are permanently loose; they shake and rattle and there’s nothing I can do about it. The shield is constantly falling off as well so I took it off for the action poses.

When I first learned about the “Frame Model” concept for the GFF line-up, I immediately thought “YES! They’re finally give them articulations!”… and they did. In an unorthodox way similar to the GFF God Gundam. Instead of using tried-and-true designs from MG models, GFF (Katoki) decided to use awkward rod and peg connections and joints that tends to slide off the body or just falls apart if moved too drastically. I guess a GFF will always be a GFF- loose, brittle and flimsy. This figure CAN pose and does a decent job in a few stances but parts just easily flops around; there’s not much in stability. At the end, it’s best to just leave it standing like the rest of them.

Armor Up!

Step by step process…

The add-on process was actually very easy and simple compared to… say, the GFF Full Armor Gundam Mk II. Just snap everything on, no tricky fitments or power cables to plug in. I accidentally broke the white Ver. Ka’s V-fin when I was removing its head though.

Full Armor Gundam in Blue

Since the armor parts fit in nice and snug, there wasn’t any noticeable loss of articulation (but the damn floppy shoulder is still there). I didn’t bother to mess around with the decals and I LOVE the way the Gundam looks with the armor on. Its design is a restrictive and probably doesn’t make any sense (shoulder cannon blocks the head from turning) but that’s not the point here. This thing is here to look awesome as a geared up Gundam art piece regardless whether it actually works or not ^^;.

Whil there is nothing particularly great about the new “Frame Model”, the added articulation certainly helps in making this GFF a little more playable than previous GFF (except the GFF God Gundam). The Full Armor looks much better in blue than the dirty green on the original. Aside from the shoulders, there really is no terrible annoyances about this GFF if play is kept to a minimum (like all GFF). Overall, I’m just happy this Gundam makes a great display piece with my other GFFs.

6 thoughts on “GFF Full Armor Gundam [Blue Version]

  1. I noticed recently (as in not paying attention until recently) the first volume of Kyoshiro Maniax miniature figures that have been out there for a couple of months. When you compare this GFF figure to the KM Mini Fig version (as the GFF Maniax website did), it’s just over half the height, and I don’t think any parts pop out. The KM mini figures look cute (the Zaku ones especially), but from what I know (based mainly on picture-seeing), it seems to me that the GFF Full Armor Gundam has more posability than at least the KM mini fig version.

    But whether the KM or GFF figure, both look nicely crafted.

  2. Have this item as well… and you have described all the greatness and weaknesses correctly…. that shoulder joint is really disappointing… this is my only GFF so far and not planning to buy any other soon… except for that Deep Striker like yours… if only I can find it and can afford the price… hahahaha

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