GFF Metal Composite RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. Ka

This is the #1004 1/100 Gundam Fix Figuration Metal Composite RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. Ka… Gundam Crisis Ver. Yea I know… the name is a mouthful. This is my very first GFFMC so I am a bit unfamiliar with this new line and not sure what to expect ^^;. If I understand this version correctly, it is based on the 1/1 Gundam model from the ride… so essentially, this is a figure of a Gundam model, instead of the “actual” Gundam ^^;. And as such, I took a different approach to photoshooting this model/figure; instead of taking shots to make it seem animated, I tried to make it look more like a statue/display model- a piece of art :)


Just like all GFFs, this one also comes with an almost excessive amount of packaging but luckily there was no metal twisty things. The Gundam Hammer has quite the “luxury” look to it compared to its MG counterpart xD.


Loads of unnecessary and necessary accessories typical of the GFF line. You got the hands, six beam sabers (wut?!), an extra rubber V-fin (awesome!), wheel bits for core fighter, and multiple adapters for the shield to clip onto the arm o_O. And of course, the ever so gorgeous RX-78-2 Gundam… model of a model.


Yea… this is definitely THE best Core Fighter I’ve ever seen… and I don’t even care about these things!

So it is almost kinda disappointing that I’d rather hide it inside the Gundam instead ^^;



OMG YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW FREAKING BEAUTIFULLY SEXY AND GORGEOUS THIS FIGURE IS! *ahem* Since I really didn’t know what to expect (aside from warped parts like regular GFFs), I was totally blown away by the beauty and details on this model (I can’t get myself to call it a “figure”). The markings, the paint job, the details, the SOLID construction (the thing is weighty thanks to the die-cast parts), the gears in the knee that clicks and hold the Gundam still… they are all almost perfect (I see more than a fair number of seam lines). Very impressive o_o.

I don’t think you can get tired of admiring it at any angle in person ^^;.

LIGHTS! CAMERA!… action?

I think it really does look like a model of the Gundam…

It almost reminds me of the 1/1 Gundam in Odaiba that I never get to witness in person…

I think it needs an Amuro figure… or a GFF cow.


This is THE GFF Pose. I’ll say it now: Do not expect this model to do any dynamic posing with any of its weapons. Like all GFFs (barring a couple), this Gundam’s articulation is basic and only meant to just stand there. I wouldn’t risk trying to pose this model and risk having the knee gears going loose or the paint scratched ^^;.

The beam rifle looks just as “luxurious” as the Gundam Hammer… like it’s obviously meant for “display purposes only” as opposed to being a replica of the real thing. That metal ring on the handle is a nice touch… like I could add it to my keychain or something. I almost screamed “NOOOO!” when I saw a bit of paint from the rifle scraped onto the forearm but thankfully, it just rubs off ^^;. The shield is nice too- I chose the handle that just plugs into the back of the arm so I don’t have to go through the trouble of making the hand to hold the handle with the other adapter.


I am sure most of you are expecting to see this part. Now for the moment of truth…

The photos can speak for themselves…

Hahah… I feel kinda embarassed to have my poorly-built MG standing next to it XD

GFF with MG RX-78-2 Gundam 2.0

… and with MG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. OYW

Family Photo!


For once I was scared of pushing the joints further to squeeze out a decent dynamic pose…

If the beam part wasn’t attached, the hilt could have possibly slipped out of the hand unless you tilt it at an angle. Not a big problem since I don’t like posing it with the beam sabers anyway. It would be nice if I could use those effect parts for MG models instead…


The javelin requires a beam saber hilt for attachment… and what a loose attachment it makes. You can easily knock it off the hilt -__-. Well, at least the beam effect for it is bigger than a dumdum pop.

I’m sure I could’ve done a bit more poses with this than the beam saber though ^^;


Surprisingly, getting this model to hold the bazooka is actually doable and doesn’t look as silly as its MG counterpart.

Despite a nasty seam line, I think the bazooka looks amazing ^^;


Who wants a shiny morning star for breakfast?

This shot was inspired by Busterbeam’s RX-78-2 Ver. OYW ^^(Plamo Addiction)

That’s quite the bling…

Wanna play catch?


And that’s the GFFMC RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. Ka. This is essentially a 1/100 display model and it sure does a heck of a job as one. No doubt about it. Is it worth it? I paid somewhere around ~$55 for it and I think it is VERY worth it considering its MG counterparts are only about $10 less but this one has them all beat in aesthetics. However, I bought this when it was on sale though. Regular price is ~$80 so that might be a bit hard to swallow ^^;. If you can, I’d say throw in the extra cash (about ~$20) and grab the G-3 version instead or the original #1001 with G-Fighter… or Char’s Custom one (for uniqueness sake). Alternatively, you can buy the MG version and all the paint you need to make it look like this. This model has its own value though and is definitely one of the best RX-78-2 product out there.

38 thoughts on “GFF Metal Composite RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. Ka

  1. Hi. I’m a new fan to the original Gundam series, and this model looks amazing! I want to get one!

    I have a minor question: Can you give us measurements of it? (Hight, Width, etc) so I can compare it to a regular Soul Of Chogokin model ((17 cm tall))?

      1. Just got mine yesterday :-), if you are a fan of the Uc series you can’t miss this model…it’s simply gorgeous! Thanks for the review Z!

  2. Granted that, it’s one of those Metal Composite figures that retails for below $100, getting this is a no-brainer.

  3. For a moment, this figure reminds me of the Gundam Arch Enemy RX-78-2 toy I bought 3/4 decade ago. When I handled it, I found that this figure has a more high-end feel to it.

      1. But for a local-made toy, it’s standards are far beyond what other toys (in the local market block) at the same price point, and given that the recent Robot Spirits Gundam figures retail for an average of the same price (Convention and Web Exclusives not included) or more, getting the Arch Enemy figures (at the $20-$30 price point online) is a steal.

  4. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen a blog entry of GG’s I’ll mention here (and if not, at least the item in question), Z, but I never payed too close an attention to this latest RX-78-2 variant in the GFF MC lineup until now:

    I don’t know if 0 Gundam had this as well, but it seems this version of Gundam (in the MC lineup) has quite the articulation. Sure, we’ve seen similar in the last of the standard 1/144s (the re-dos of the Full Armor and Perfect Gundams), and maybe it’s all too natural to doubt the stability of the figure for having it, but I still found it interesting. Especially after having looked at your review of this GFF MC.

    When I saw this figure for the first time in GG’s website, I thought it was interesting that Katoki would take Okawara’s “Origin” version of Gundam and “GFF-ize” it into the MC lineup. I didn’t think there would be more to this than extra accessories and the design itself, though. But it’s articulation (in the context of the MC lineup) impresses me a little bit; at least enough to post about it here. I’m a little interested in reading the reactions to this MC when it comes out.

  5. I just got the GFFN Strike on my return from AX, and I was instantly reminded of your Metal Composite RX-78-2. Which parts are actually metal on it? Is it only the inner frame or is the entire thing (armor) made of diecast metal? O_o

  6. Oh wow after more than a year, your review still kicks some ass ;)
    Do you know that next month GFF Metal Composite will release the 1/100 Gundam RX-78-2, Ver. Gundam Origin? Actually that’s the figure I always wanted before I purchased the Ver. Ka. I love the classic look of the RX-78-2 on it. And the articulation is better compared to the Ver. Ka.

    But the down parts of this upcoming release will be the price (almost double of Ver. Ka price), and the arsenal is not as complete as Ver. Ka.

    If you’re planning to buy it, would love to see the review ;)

  7. This looks nearly the same as the normal version… Not very worth it. With it being nearly $88 in singapore compared to the mere $38 for the normal version, the money will certainly be more well spent on gunplas like hguc sinanju the normal version. Titanium finish gundams are too expensive to consider. Only buy if you have surpluses of cash.

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