GFF RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. Ka HK Limited Edition

Here’s the exclusive GFF from the Gundam Expo 2007 in Hong Kong. It’s a limited edition of the GFF#0026 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. Ka / GM. Every bit of it is made of clear plastic (except a metal clip on the beam rifle handle).

Although this is a very neat and unique figure, I kept forgetting the fact that it is still a GFF. This means it doesn’t have any articulation outside of basic motion, loose parts (the backpack and torso LOVES falling off), and flimsy joints. I was able to handle this GFF harder because it lacks a paintjob (not afraid to scratch the paint) but in doing so, I kept knocking off parts like the backpack and leg armor pieces accidentally. Anything negative and positive you’ve come to expect out of a normal GFF is applied to this one, even the paint job…err, or lack of one but the details are all there ^_^. I like how I can see the internal joints working as I bend the parts. The plastic is that of a neutrally transparent; the clear parts doesn’t have any tone of colors to it.

It was very hard trying to capture the details on this figure since it is clear and my room has worse than terrible lighting. I had to make do with some cheap fluorescent lamp work xD. I took many, many, shots in different lighting conditions (daylight, tungsten, and fluorescent) to give you a thorough look of how the figure looks like exactly. I didn’t bother converting to the GM because there isn’t noticeable difference between the two beside the head and it will be even harder to see with this err…color scheme. And… who wants a Limited Edition GM? xD

Enjoy the gallery! The resolution is higher than the past photos I’ve taken ^_^

Note: There’s a couple of very minor bloopers. See if you can spot them xD

3 thoughts on “GFF RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. Ka HK Limited Edition

  1. When I first saw the box I thought it was empty, but after reading the title I found out. xD

    Looks great, but colorless clear Gundams aren’t really my thing…I like clear color versions though. xD

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