Gundam GP03S Stamen & Weapon System

The GP03D was probably the first time I went “OMFG BIG!” for a Gundam and its design is amazing. I first saw this unit in Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden and was in awed of its attacks, YEARS before I even watched 0083. Although I love this Gundam, I can’t say I like Kou Uraki…

I’ve always wondered if there ever will be a 1/144 GFF Dendrobium and to my delight, Bandai released this iteration. This is an original design just to make this GFF viable and affordable I guess but it is far from “skimped”. I can’t imagine how much a full Dendrobium GFF would cost ($400 maybe?).


I thought the box would be like the size of Deep Striker but I guess Bandai managed to be more…space efficient this time around. I was marveled at the craftsmanship of the weapon system parts; they’re all solid pieces (feels like Gunpla plastic) and are very well detailed! No traces of warping.

GP03S Stamen

The GP03S was the very first MG I’ve built so there were no surprises here in its design… like how the arms can’t be straight. This Gundam looks really good! It has slightly better (Katoki) proportion than the MG and better details. The figure has about as much articulation as its MG counterpart but with that mugshot face, it doesn’t really look great in action poses. The lower uh… fin(?) thrusters are fixed unlike the MG where it can swivel. Gotta love the extension arms!


One thing I don’t like about UC Gundams is that no matter what they are, their standard armaments are relatively the same- beam rifle, beam saber, and a bazooka. The Stamen is no exception though I do find its set of weapons to be a little more stylized than the average like how the Bazooka can fold and the design of its beam rifle.

See how “bored” Stamen looks in its poses? This Gundam has more of an elegant look to it so it’s better for those “drifting in space” or flying forward toward somewhere ambiguous sort of shots but definitely not for fight poses.

Weapon System Gettai

The assembly is not very hard nor is it sophisticated… which makes it all the more better. I can’t say the parts fit together smoothly though as everything is a VERY tight fit… some of the parts aren’t even plugged in all the way (left like a 1 mm clearance) because I was afraid I might crack the frame or something. Not something I want to risk with this GFF. Multiple display pegs are included that tilts the Weapon at different angles. I didn’t bother with that because I find it a little pointless since the thing most likely can’t pose. The beam cannon is ohh so very long… that I can use it as a life size short sword. Overcompensating much?

The most incredible part about the Weapon System are the missle pods… and unfortunately, it’s the only part Bandai sorta skimped on; Only two of the four missile pods can open up. The detail inside is simply amazing… I mean, really? You need “warning” and “caution” decals inside the tube as well?! Epitome of GFF art right here.

Stamen and Weapon System

I was actually supposed to stick stamen halfway through the assembly since the last half blocks the dock. I had to take it apart after the to put Stamen back in ^^;. There are two pegs that hold Stamen to its Weapon System but that part is also very tight to the point where I can’t really plug it in so it’s held by being “crushed” between the rear frame. That’s perfectly fine because it can’t move at all inside.

Since I can’t really pose the Gundam in this state, how about shots of it from every possible angle? ^^;

Once inside the Weapon System, this GFF is as good as a statue. Taking the LOLBIG cannon off its support and it’ll immediately come crashing down but the I-field Generator doesn’t need its own stand. I say the most impressive sight is from the back- Loving all those thrusters! It needs a great deal of mechanical art feel to it.

The GP03D in this iteration is far from being a “lite” version of its original form. It looks just as impressive and gigantic but only in a different form. I’d also like to think this is probably more efficient than its original size since it’s also a smaller target while still packing a huge amount of destruction with it.

This GFF was a no-brainer for me because I had a gut feeling it was gonna go down the same road as the Deep Striker. It’s just too impressive of a display piece to pass by! It looks stunning just sitting outside of my shelf!

17 thoughts on “Gundam GP03S Stamen & Weapon System

  1. This looks great. I always loved the lol wut bigass cannon of the Dendrobium and the amount of pwnage this Gundam can do when docked with it. However, I like better the Deep Striker…

  2. the original one seems a bit more realistic to me but i understand why they had to cut some stuff out. i remember when i first saw the dendrobium and i thought it was a MONSTER! haha love the double bazooka shots. nice work as usual.

  3. Beamknight87, same here. I like Deep Striker better as well even though it doesn’t have as much armaments but its design with all those stuff here and there makes it look a bit more intimidating.

    Yasser Anas, I would so buy that!… but will probably cost all four limbs xD.

    Busterbeam, both are probably as unrealistic as they can get even for Gundams xD. Though I do wonder how such a smaller frame can withstand or hold all those missle pods when firing…

    Luka, yea… what this Gundam lacks in action poses, makes up for it in looking great at linear stances ^^

  4. Thank you for your review, I did want to point out one detail. You felt that the only place where Bandai “skimped” was in the design of the missile pods, in that only two of four could open. The Gundam Evolve DVD released with the HGUC Dendrobium Orchis module brings this to greater light. As seen in this excerpt, the Dendrobium has two types of micro missle pods. One is the opening kind, which has a focused missile attack. The other is a non-opening pod that distributes them in a spread out blanketing attack.

  5. You should blame the Anaheim Electronics or Mechanics for the UC Gundam weapon not the UC,

    UC is the best Gundam yet because the history is related one to another, you will know that after playing SD G Generation Spirits.
    UC for me is still the best Gundam yet. not something shiny like the new Gundam, the chara is too good looking beautiful handsome. And the MS like my friend said too colourfull like SRW type orange, green, red(Impulse).

    SRW colour is not my type like the new gundam MS.

    Btw great review, nice article :)

  6. About how big is the MS by itself like 5 inches high? Jesus they should of made this bad boy 1/100 …..wait imagine how big the rest of it would be……….imagine the price >_> let me think about that one.

  7. They made a 1/144 HGUC of the full-size dendrobium… and it is around $250. Tack on another 1-200 and it could be a good guess for a 1/100 MG ^^;

  8. i saw it like few years ago when it first released. now i damn regret that i didn’t buy it when i saw it. at that time i still was not GFF-ied. sad now.

  9. I actually have the 1/144 HGUC version, it’s big, the box has a handle. I was attempting to buy the huge dendrobium model and bought it by mistake. It had a bunch of J-spec G Gundam figures thrown in so it was a nice accident.

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