1/100 Destiny Gundam

Bought this model back in 2005 after hearing all the praises it received from others about how well it poses. The 1/100 Strike Freedom was terribly disgusting to a majority of people but most agreed that the 1/100 Destiny looked pretty damn good. I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to pick up the limited edition version that comes with the display base and waist parts.


With 13 runners out of the box, I thought that was an impressive amount for a normal 1/100. This is good because that means only the littlest of details are missing and are covered up by foil stickers. Everything else is pretty much accurately colored.

Since the Destiny Gundam’s body design is so simple and lacks any gimmick, it was extremely easy to put together and there should be absolutely no confusion whatsoever assembling it. Just snap and go. Really nothing noteworthy about this part. I also didn’t bother to build the shield since I was not going to use it.

The only thing I did was color in the “scars” below the eyes… with a toothpick.

Completed Model

Heavy nub marks galore…

At the time, this model looks REALLY good. The proportions aren’t Katoki but it is accurate and easy on the eyes unlike the 1/100 Strike Freedom (ugh).

Coloring in the scar took some time and precision but that little detail made the model look all the more better.

THIS is SILLY. The Destiny comes with two pairs of fixed hands- one to hold weapons and the Palma Fiocina. They are connected to the wrist through a smaller-than-usual ball and PC socket (this is bad). The “fist” one can’t hold onto the rifle properly because the back of the rifle obstructs the forearm. Way to go, Bandai.


This model poses on par or better than many of the MGs at the time. I’ll give it that. It has quite a wide range of motion and flexibility. The bad part is that since it doesn’t have any internal structures supporting its articulation, the joints become weak… very fast. After playing with it for awhile, Destiny can’t singlehandedly hold its Arondight and its legs will need to be far apart to hold a dynamic pose. Nowhere as bad as the 1/100 Avalanche Exia though.


The 1/100 Destiny is a great model but who would get this thing now when there are two MG versions to choose from? ^^;  This model’s existence will also be moot for me whenever I get around to building my MG Destiny EB since I only have room for one Destiny. Of course… this review can serve as a comparison to the MG version later on.


15 thoughts on “1/100 Destiny Gundam

  1. My guess is that the only 1/100 models from SEED worthy of getting are the Astray Red Frame (insane flexibility) and the Akatsuki (it is gold lol).
    I still got the MG of this thing stored and it will continue like that for another month or so… maybe you will show us yours before ^^

  2. The thing is with the Seed kits is that they’re pretty good on their own and not too expensive. Those who plunk extra for MGs though, really get their money’s worth.

    That last pose is pretty cool. I think I’ll try it with my MG Destiny when I pull it back out of storage.

    Let’s see the HG one do THIS:

  3. Nice review… great nostalgia for me too.

    Indeed it’s one of the more posable models of its time, thanks to the swiveling shoulders which were absent in the 1/100 Freedom and Justice. Overall it’s one of the more solid non-MG models around back in 2005; but there are several flaws that’s worth mentioning:

    1. The wings of the backpack tend to get loose easily due to the polycaps.

    2. No Wings of Light !! The 1/144 has it… unfair. :(

    3. The plasma rifle’s folding joint turns loose almost immediately after the first transformation.

    4. The Arondight is too heavy for the polycap wrists, so you’ll need to pose it with two hands grasping it.

    Nevertheless, for the price it’s actually a kit worth getting. Much better than the SF whose proportions are all wrong.

  4. My friend’s Destiny went loose too and i’m quite afraid of toying around with my Destiny. Just left it standing still till i get extra bases to make a pose. I didn’t get the MG version cuz’ placing a MG Destiny beside a 1/100 Legend looks weird (Destiny is supposed to look slightly smaller than Legend, but the MG version of Destiny might be taller.) Love the poseability.
    My Destiny Gundam

  5. Oops.. screwed up my links section in my blog… That link can’t be used cuz’ i did some update and the link address changed…
    Juz ks-exkurogane.blogspot.com…. kit reviews are shown in the Labels section…

  6. I’d say you better get the regular MG. The chrome joints, the clear figures and the Wings of Light effect aren’t worth the extra $30.

    1. Who are you talking to?

      The EBM is only $14-17 more than the regular version of Destiny… and even less it ever goes on sale. I’d say it’s worth it. SF FBM on the other hand, no…

      1. Some guy who has Gunplas for sale, he’s the one to consult (at least, for me) regarding on which one’s worth it or not. Sorry if my comment was misleading, I don’t realize that he’s wrong all the time. But you can have your choice and since I skipped on the SF FBM (the crap gold’s still there XP) for the PG (full gold frame FTW), I’d say get the Destiny EB. I got the Destiny EB (for the Wings of Light) and regular SF (which crap gold parts I sprayed in “real” gold for looks’ sake).

        1. PG SF full gold frame??? I dont think soooo… check out the reviews from the net, and you’ll find out that it is like a bigger version of SF FBM XD

          1. I guess I shouldn’t reply too early. And I shouldn’t be sleeping while writing comments. Those promo images of the PG SF are giving me mind games. At least, the gold are more visible than the FBM. Haven’t built the kit yet (y’know, all work no play 24/7) but I’m planning to (which is why I misstated the gold parts since I haven’t opened the box yet) build next month or so. But according to some sources, the new frame will feature three kinds of gold again, haven’t opened the box yet.

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