1/100 Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu

The final form of the original Gundam Astray Gold Frame… What an awesome looking Gundam it was when it came out and it still is. I recalled many people wanting Bandai to make a 1/100 Gold Frame Amatsu long before the actual model came out and here it is!

Besides the gold plating, another nice thing to take note of are the gloss black runners. The gloss black pieces run very well with the gold pieces and you can already tell that it’s going to be an attractive display… until you see that you have to slap on huge amounts of foil stickers to get the right detail on the gloss black pieces. Most of them are red and you stick them on the head, shoulders, wings… basically any red you see on the black pieces are mostly foil stickers. Lame. Though from far away, you probably won’t be able to tell if you can apply them on smoothly. The head has the most amount of foil stickers unfortunately (a total of 8 including the eyes). Half of the construction is building the basic Red/Gold Frame, the rest consists of assembling Blitz’s arm, the wings (it has a very long Japanese name), and new Amatsu parts like the outer leg plates (inside is basic gold frame) and feet.

Judging from the way it looks, you would probably think this is a very back heavy model. And in a way, it kinda is. Just look at the photos and you can see how it sticks its chest out and the way the legs curve. This model has a lot of ankle restrictions and a little surface on the sole for it to stand so it looks a bit weird from the front. The wings on its back are semi-solid so it has quite a weight relative to the model. It can definitely stand without much problems though.

Posing this model is troublesome due to the massive weight on its back but even then, the ankle issue mentioned above does not help either. The best I can do is make it do some standing action pose with its wings opened. Don’t expect it to balance well with its knee bent. The last thing you can probably do is put it on an action base and pose it from there. The foil sticker sheet even included name tag stickers for it.

This model is a bit lacking in articulation compared to the Red/Gold Frame but that’s understandable but it still makes a good display on the shelf with its wings wide open.


24 thoughts on “1/100 Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu

  1. how dusty does this kit get over time?

    i paint my kits, aside from the gloss black, and gold. do you think that it would look alright if i painted the red insted of placing the foil stickers on the kit?

    it looks absolutely gorgious. and very attractive to have on a black table or glass top of somesort.

    email me back. (war_sucks.lets_party@hotmail.com)

  2. I don’t know how to tell you about the dust since my models are in a display cases xD
    I would definitely say screw the red foil stickers and paint the red parts yourself! the foil stickers stick out in a bad way. Use a few layers of gloss/pearl red and it should match up nicely with the gloss black.

  3. Is there an existing beam blade part that can be used with Trikeros arm? (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, that thing on its right arm is a combination shield, dart launcher, beam rifle and beam saber that belonged to the Blitz Gundam. Though it was redesigned so I don’t know if Blitz’s beam part would work anymore)

  4. hey can u tell me the peg u used to put it on the action base? cuz i duno which peg to use to put it on my action base….the 1 that fits sort of limits the legs movements..which do u use…thx!

  5. I don’t actually remembered ^^;. I just used whichever one fits the best that came with the base. Most likely is the one you mentioned because all other ones fail.

  6. ok, Z…. hhmm… only 1 peg can be used for the display stand… and it restricts the leg’s movement… ok… I’m out of here… XD
    Thanks for helping me to save money :)

  7. I actually mount my Gold Frame on the “tail”-like part behind the legs with the same peg. Works much better IMO.

  8. @Kefka, We might, since theres a blue frame, and a red frame is coming out, theres a good chance we’ll see a gold frame and then a Amatsu.

      1. Different online sellers sell it for different prices, check what your local shop sells it for, usually no more than $50.

  9. Hey Z, I know this might seem like kind of an odd question, but do you know if the right arm and backpack of this kit can be attached to the MG Red Frame? I want to make myself a custom MG Gold Frame Amatsu, and I don’t know where else to get the necessary parts…

    Thanks in advance!

    1. I haven’t tried… but I am pretty sure you can’t straight-on because the pegs are different (size or otherwise). Of course, you can always do some slight mods to get the parts to fit since this is gunpla afterall. However, I think the proportions might be just a bit off.

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