Gundam Astray Red Frame Second L

1/100 Gundam Astray Red Frame

Ah… The 1/100 Red Frame… released back in 2004 and it was probably the most popular 1/100 SEED model back then. It was highly praised for its MG-style gimmicks and articulation without actually being a MG. I got this model around the time of its release and it is the only SEED model I have since…well, the other 1/100 looked pretty crappy to me. Also, The Gundams from Astray looked a lot better and unique than the main SEED Gundams. The Red Frame is pure stylish and gives off a “skeleton” vibe with that mechanical design on the red part of its body while still being simplistic as a whole and the Gerbera Straight only make this Gundam that much more awesome.

This model is also special to me in that this is the very first Gundam I tried doing panel lines on and using paint to color in details (like the fingers and Gerbera Straight). It is definitely not “cleanly built” but this model serves as a reminder of how my skills were like back then.

This model’s construction design, despite being only a HG, reeks of MG style layout such as how the arms are connected to the body, the inner red leg parts pretty much serves as an inner frame skeleton, an articulated torso… and a lot of other stuff, basically yielding MG structure in the form of HG. Previous 1/100 models like from Gundam X and Gundam Wing doesn’t have such engineering fortune.

The SEED line-up is also the first to introduce fixed hands for 1/100 models. This makes holding weapons easier but loses a bit of versatility.

I painted everything with Gundam markers. It was my first time using them so I was being very careful and slow about it to prevent screw ups. The results weren’t great but it was acceptable.

I did not bother with the beam rifle nor the shield. This model is all about the Gerbera Straight! The hottest solid melee weapon ever on a Gundam!

Even after four years, the articulation of this model is still in great shape! Thanks to its free-moving simplistic design (no skirt armor nor ankle plates) and slim body, the Red Frame has a full range of motion that surpasses just about most MG at the time and every previous 1/100 HG models.

Now for some dual wield…

For under 2000 yen, this is the best 1/100 model one can hope to get. I’m still lovin’ this kit up to this day.

Red Frame Second L

Despite the color of the box and the model kit, the title still reads “Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second L” xD. I bought this kit unintentionally in NYC when I was shopping around for the original Blue Frame; the Blue Frame was out of stock everywhere and only this odd Red Blue Frame was left in stores. I wasn’t too thrilled about it since… well, I want a BLUE FRAME. This is RED!

At the time that I was building this kit (2005), I was busy as hell with school so I didn’t have time to do panel lines and all that stuff. Construction, as far as I can remember, was almost identical to the original Red Frame. The body, arms, and legs are pretty much the same and some parts just take different shape like the shoulders and feet.

To be honest, I actually messed up this model over the years by dropping it and stuff (thanks to its weight problems). Not to mention I also didn’t really put much effort into building this Gundam so I left a lot of nub marks. I removed the “chin guard” because it kept falling since the side face plates can easily be knocked off just by turning The Gundam’s head. I also removed the “tail binders” on the rear because it was not snug in place. I was already frustrated with this Gundam upon completion because of balance issues… no thanks to its awesome Tactical Arm. The weight on its back will mean Blue Red Frame will always have to “bear its chest” to stand properly.

I would love the Tactical Arm even more if it was actually more useable by the model. Though the weapon looks awesome, all dream poses with a giant sword is gone thanks to gravity. Gatling mode is decent but not very awe-inspiring for posing.

^That’s about the most I can do with poses for such a heavy sword. It’s a great looking weapon but its dynamic use is very limited due to its weight and the Gundam not being able to support it more.

One thing I am disappointed in about this model is the articulation. Compared to the original Red Frame, this model lacks motion freedom no thanks to its new armor design. It’s not that the redesigned parts (shoulder and feet) are obstructing the joints but the way they’re designed makes it awkward to move around; the feet is too “bulky” and is restricted by ankle plates while the shoulder parts grind against other parts. Tack on (literally) the Tactical Arms and this Gundam becomes a nightmare to pose. Even with the TA off its back, it still can’t do much since it can’t hold the TA and the only other weapon (a dinky armor schneider) isn’t worth posing in. As a model, this Gundam felt more like a “downgrade” than an “upgrade”.

And so… Lowe realized the flaws in his upgrade for Gai’s Blue Frame so he corrected them and upgraded his Red Frame accordingly…

Behold… Gundam Astray Red Frame Second L 2nd L!

Well… Maybe more like a 1.5 L but I think I got the point across xD. Just like that, I’ve fixed all the articulation issues with the Second L while maintaining the awesome Astray look.

(hope no one shoots me down for this bad kitbash…^^;)




63 thoughts on “Gundam Astray Red Frame Second L

  1. opps. sry. didn’t know it would just go to main page. just look for seed frame astrays under Manga, etc. then scroll down and click on MWF-JG73 Civilian Astray 0 Custom

  2. Came so close to getting this…but the store I ordered it from sent me the crappy 1/144 No Grade instead. The store was pretty crummy with replying, so I kept it anyway… At least I think they paid me back…months later. =_=

    Still want this guy, though I’m thinkin’ I may wanna wait a bit. Since a blue frame MG is coming, I have a hunch that a MG Red Frame is in the works.

  3. I am having a hard time deciding between this and MG Freedom. Which would you reccomend and do metallics go good for painting the red on the Katana and scabbard?

  4. which one are you referring to? xD the 2nd L or the original Red Frame? if 2nd L, then just pick up the MG Freedom then you can always save up for the MG 2nd L. If Red Frame… go for it. It’s one of the least expensive 1/100 models out there. I think metallic red would look hot on the Gerbera Straight ^^.

  5. weeeeeeeeeee i also agree to you mate!

    actually i already own the red frame and im planning to buy the blue frame 2nd L..

    I dont know if all of you will agree to this but gundams with a different color scheme looks decent and appealing..

    just like the red frame ; it definitely looks cooler than the original franchise color (red blue yellow and white).

    and also the rx 78-2 cazval’s gundam (same gundam 1.5 version but finished in char’s red color.

  6. gundams in the standard BRYW color scheme stick out like sore thumbs on the battlefield. monochrome and duochrome color schemes are a lot cooler to look at than looking at some fancy primary colors. hence, the astrays are cooler than the usual gundams.

  7. @Z I saw someone on youtube named Prime92 take the Force pack from her TT Hongli knockoff Mg Force Impulse and made it work.

  8. @rk Probably if you grabbed the first batch release of MG blue frame the adaptor backpacks for most SEED kits may help… i did manage grab one but it is still newly sealed… unopened yet… XD

  9. @Z
    Yea, the hardpoints for backpack connection is different for 1/100 NG (round polycap) and MG (rectangular ABS or polycap joint, usually). But, That set of adaptors allow even MG backpacks to be mounted on 1/100 NGs, and vice versa… Hence there are at least 6 different adaptors if i am not mistaken… quite a number but i didn’t go though in detail except the how-to-use manual… XD

  10. And, yea, those adaptors allow MG Blue Frame to use both 1/100 NG Strike and MG Strike backpacks… The design of MG Blue frame’s backpack and 1/100 red frame’s backpack is almost the same, (the one that holds 2 beam sabers), except that Blue frame does not have beam sabers, and have another rack mounted on it to support the tactical arms)… Even Impulse’s backpacks can be used… XD

    1. the extra sword came from his 1/100 gold frame (first release one). You can see it on his mg red frame review

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