HG 1/100 Gundam Heavyarms Custom

One of my first 1/100 similar to my 1/100 Deathscythe Hell Custom. I built this model back in 2001 and thought I share it with everyone for what it is worth today.

As far as I can remember, the basic body of this Gundam is exactly the same as the other four Endless Waltz Gundams with the only difference are design details unique to themselves. What I mean is the construction method are the same; clap two half pieces to form leg, two half pieces for arm, polycap on polycap for joints, etc. The things that makes this Gundam different are all the missile stuff and its open chest gatling cannons. The chest cover can become frustrating to plug into. If you’ve built one of the 1/100 then you can pretty much go through the others almost without the need for its construction manual. It’s that easy.

The completed model is one of the most impressive of its line-up at the time and it sure is accurate to its OVA counterpart and it does look very good. Proportions are nice and details aren’t shabby. Out of all the EW 1/100 models, this is one that can actually stand still without much issues such as weight problems or tilting to the side. Over time, the joints will wear because it’s all polycaps. Action poses are limited though despite the rather unrestricted clearance of its joints. Full Open mode is probably the best you can do with this model but it is a sight to behold.

This model is great for nostalgic purposes ^_^ I plan on buying another one to replace the original one but that’s at the very end of my list.


35 thoughts on “HG 1/100 Gundam Heavyarms Custom

  1. To CKai Cydek…

    Note that disassembling a plastic model that old will most definitely result in several broken pegs and parts, no matter how careful you are. Cheap plastic rots, its not worth the effort trying to restore

  2. C.Jin,

    I can understand that, but I’ve kept my old MGs in storage and they seem to be okay. And I dunno about other kits, but the ones I have don’t seem to be made of ‘cheap’ plastic, as they haven’t been exposed to air so much in the last 8 years.

    I mean, I tried out some poses and stuff first, then began disassembling them, but mostly the accessories and outer armor. I’ve only taken the inner skeleton limbs apart at the joints and topcoated them to be stiffer, then worked on the outer armor.

    Since 1/100s like the Heavyarms of yesteryear use so little parts as compared to MGs, I imagine they won’t be too hard to disassemble so long as you’re careful.

    And I will admit there are a few parts that have snapped at the pegs as I take them apart, but it’s nothing a little plastic cement won’t fix – and I plan on sealing them permanently at this point anyway.

  3. I’m sure its possible if you’re careful enough. Personally though, its only like 20 bucks so I wouldnt risk it and just buy a totally new one…

    In fact im feeling pretty nostalgic right about now, Im gonna look for this model…

    1. Not sure… But I’ve been to some Toy Kingdom stores, and Kits like these tend to show up every once in a while.

    1. hahaha mag ingles ka dito men.. para magkaintindihan tayong lahat.

      anyways a restock came in a few months ago. check great toys and wasabi toys. they have stocks of this guy, cheaper than what malls would originally price them

  4. I just got mine recently. It took me a week to complete due to school work and the insane amount of painting, but it was well worth it! I took so much time trying to make the clown face look perfect…and the worked! But it was a real hassle trying to combine the right colors to find the Heavyarms’ akward yeal color…once I got the combo and ratio down, I could cover the nub marks and paint the chin of the clown face. ^^

    I’d like to see you get this again and do your best on it!

    P.S:This is Lelouch. (The guy you’ve always known and loved) For some odd reason, my old account doesn’t allow me to post comments on any blog no more, so I have to use a different name now.

    P.S.S: Do you know any way to fix the problem?

    P.I.S.S: <—– sorry, just had to write that.

    1. Yea knew you were Lelouch from the start xD. Do show pics of your freshly built HA!

      I’m not gonna bother with this model for now as it is broken all over the place internally and wayy too old.

      1. hm, yes I do see a lot of missing pieces…

        Unfortunatly, I didn’t take WIP shots, but a crapload of painting was required…I have so many photoshoots lying in my computer, but I’m just too darn lazy to upload them and write a review on my site…argh…no cure for lazyness. xDD

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