HG 1/144 00 Raiser Designer’s Color Ver.

00 Gundam


I’ve never been fond of the 00’s design not because I think it is ugly (other than I find the v-fin to be too short) but because it doesn’t evoke that “mid-season upgrade Gundam” feel that others usually have. It just doesn’t look… powerful I guess.Well, even though I don’t like this Gundam I’ve always been meaning to pick it up just because I want the upgraded Gundams from every series ^^;. This model was also suddenly acquired from a previous modeler.


Why is this model called Designer’s Color Ver? Is this really Kanetake Ebikawa’s color scheme? I really just see this as yet another way for Bandai to milk the 00-Raiser with minimum effort…. That’s okay though because even though I was never a fan of pastel colors, I’d gladly take this over the standard BWR color scheme >_>


The 00’s shields look almost non-functional and if I didn’t know better, I would’ve thought they were katars…


I really hate 00’s weapons… and lack of it. Just two GN spatulas and two beam sabers that come with no beams? Exia has Seven Swords! My hate of the spatulas aside, they do become loose over time at the point where it rotates to become the GN rifle as there is no locking mechanism to hold things straight.

0 Raiser


The 0 Raiser is surprisingly well detailed and color accurate for this scale. I would’ve expected some painting requirements since this isn’t the “main” part of the kit but this shows the effort Bandai has been putting into its 1/144 line. The 0 Raiser is here to serve only one purpose…


“Commencing docking!”

“Roger! Roger!”


“0 Raiser, Docking mode! 0 Raiser, Docking mode!”

“Docking Sensor!”






This is the completed model. The true 00 Gundam. The 00 Raiser… and I just hate how tacked on the whole thing is. I’m not referring to the model but the design of the actual Gundam itself (and I guess that goes into the model’s design too). Anyway, despite having a jet on its back, the 00 Raiser is not as back heavy as one might think and the whole model stands pretty well. Just don’t lift up the body of the 0 raiser and things should be fine.


Now let’s talk about the articulation- It is unsurprisingly amazing. Even with the 0 Raiser tacked on, the Gundam is very free moving. The waist can rotate as much as it wants and the both the arms and legs can rotate without obstruction. This is unsurprising because this Gundam is basically designed for articulation -_-. No front skirt armors and no ankle plates which means nothing gets in the way. The only that probably needs some more degrees of turning is the head.


Switching the GN Rifle to the GN Spatula (I refuse to call them swords… how do they look like swords?) only requires rotating the blade straight and turning it 90 degrees. Easy. The bad part is that the pivot point do become loose and the spatula will gradually sag back down into its rifle mode. Even the blue cover falls from time to time. Wish Bandai implemented some locking mechanisms to hold them (a peg). Another thing I found annoying was that the weapons can easily slip off the hands.


Sword Impulse is not amused…


Combining of the GN Spatulas is done by removing the individual handles and replaced them with a piece is basically the same handles stuck together. This is kinda nice as it prevents the sword from coming apart and it keeps the handle straight… too bad the blade can still flop though…


but at least it allows for some creativity.

GN Arms Type 00


It barely worked out…


Can’t really do much standing inside there anyway xD.


Those who are contemplating on getting a 00 Raiser should definitely consider the 1/144 model if articulation and playability are main priorities. Personally, I find the 1/144 to be superior to the 1/100 in terms of articulation (it has a waist!), proportions, and, from what I’ve seen, balance. Granted the 1/100 might have a little more detail but that is really not so significant here.Not to mention the 1/144 model is only like a quarter of the 1/100.


Hobby Hovel (regular color)


85 thoughts on “HG 1/144 00 Raiser Designer’s Color Ver.

  1. Anyone know the difference between the GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser + GN Sword III (HG) and the 00 Raiser (GN Condenser Type) (HG) besides that the condenser type has no GN Drives?

    1. Besides the 0 Raiser’s clear orange thing now plain clear, and the GN Drives replaced with the condenser, it’s still the same 00 Raiser + GN Sword III.

      1. Thanks for the reply, Tom.
        Do you recommend the 00 Raiser Designer Color or the 00 Raiser + GN Sword III/GN Condenser Type?

  2. Z, as you being an expert in gunpla, what do you suggest to buy : 00 raiser w\GN sword III or avalanche exia (both are 1\144)?

    1. They are both great models… why not just choose whichever one you like better in terms of looks? I don’t know about the Exia but 00 Raiser has backheavy issues so take that into account. I would think the Exia can hold itself up better… but then 00 has the better Sword.

  3. One thing confuses me about this model. How come it doesn’t have any beam sabers as I saw it throw(more like drop) a beam saber hilt on one of the A-Law mobile suits before attaching on to 0 rasier. I could be mistaken as it may have thrown its sword/gun (spatula) or something else instead.

    1. playability doesn’t just means “To play with it”, means: articulation, poseability, movement, gimmicks etc.

      Oh, and also, the term “Modeler”, if you are looking for it then Keita is more of it, kit-bashing, customizing, hardcore painting as such, that their work limits the movement of their kits, as they only go for the looks. as Z is more of a HOME LOOK Gunpla (more of a Straight Build, much loyal to its anime counterpart) and kind of build that lets your kits to be more free in movement, .

    2. I quote: ” Those who are contemplating on getting a 00 Raiser should definitely consider the 1/144 model if articulation and playability are main priorities. ”

      If I am right, Z is actually talking to people who consider playability out there.
      And yes, there are people who play with their gunpla.
      Next, i dont think there is anything wrong with it, so even if Z is playing with his gunpla, there shouldn’t be any problem.

      1. I would play with my gunpla’s.

        But thats more like a stop motion movie of remaking favourite fight scenes from the series. >.>
        But its more like displaying than playing… :p

  4. Dear Z.

    I just finished building my own Gundam 00 raiser now unfortunately the part on at the end of the 0 rasier kinda snapped off from cutting it with scissors.

    How did you get the clear part on the forehard and the aimers on the GN sword II (Lol you tricked me into thinking they were called GN spatulas) to be so clear red. I used the stickers but it doesn’t have the same effect.

    Thank you for reading.

    I hope you update your Blog soon. Mainly HG. >.>

    From a very eager blog reader. :p

  5. The weird thing about this model is that it doesn’t have beam sabers. D:
    It has the hilts and no beam sabers. :'(
    The gundam 00 raiser gn III has the sabers. O.o

    1. i think they intentionally did this so you will still buy the newer version of the same kit..

      think about it,

      00, 0-Raiser, 00R DCV,, Trans-Am R, 00R with GN Sword III, 00 GNHW 7/S-G, 00R condenser.

      as they slowly add more additional parts that were not present from the previous release

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