HG 1/144 Seravee Gundam GNHW/B

Sporting more cannons than Freedom Gundam, the Seravee Gundam is a force to be reckoned with… if given to someone who can aim (Tieria failed to demonstrate this… but maybe the grunts are just that good in 00 ^^;). There are many things I like about this Gundam- the bulky yet sleek design, the giant face on the back, the cannons, and pretty much the overall design. I likened the Seravee to SRW’s R-2 Powered minus the beam chakram. For about 200 yen more than the regular 1/144 Seravee, the GNHWHWHWHB/B beefs up Seravee’s defense by means of four GN condensers and an extra pair of cannons on the hips for more beam spammage^^.

Out of the Box

Nine individual runners. Random color pages in manual. and reasonable amount of foil stickers. HG 1/44’s have really come far… The only difference between it and its 1/100 counterparts are really almost just size and number of gimmicks you can fit; the details and number of pieces are almost nearly equal o_o. So much for this being an effortless project…

I have to say that I really do not like this model’s new style of connecting the pieces to the runner. The gates slants and causes the cutter to slide down, almost a bit too close to the actual part. Some of them are really thin and can be easily cleaned off though.


Easy assembly. Not sure what I could talk about here… except it doesn’t have the GN Drive?


Silly V-fin crest comes in plain clear so I paint it clear red and used the foil sticker for reflective properties. I also cut off the “nubs” behind the V-fin as well to make it thinner… almost broke the v-fin by accident from the cut ^^;


This was the next step after the head. I had no weapon what it was for until afterwards; it is a beam machinegun for the Seraphim ^^;. Wasted my time assembling this…


Skipped the foil stickers for the orbs and just paint them in clear green. Love the articulations on the arms. The many points of rotation allows for the arms to be free moving and articulated despite the bulky design.


As with all the other plain clear pieces, I also painted the beam “lens” in clear green as well. Quite a lot of pieces for the legs and this is the part that probably took me the most time to assemble.Construction seems pretty solid.


I like the simple gimmick of the swiveling pelvic joints that connect the legs. Wish they would’ve molded seperate pieces for the yellow inner linings for the hip cannons though. I didn’t have the yellow paint to paint inside ^^;


The coolest and most distinctive feature of Seravee. NOTE: the backpack cannot convert to Seraphim.


Bazookas… Cannons… what difference does it make in Seravee’s case? They all shoot beams in one form or another >_>.


Solid model. Stands very confidently and stable. It could’ve looked better with a coat of topcoat but I couldn’t spare any ^^;.

No point in leaving the face close. Gotta leave it in FACE BURST MODE!



If I was a grunt, I would be smart to not mess with Seravee. Even standing there, he already has four beam cannons on standby…

With one bazooka on each hand, there’s little to no weight trouble. Seravee has enough range of motion in the arms to point the bazookas in just about any direction without much restriction ^^. A nice thing to note is that the GN condensers can rotate independently from the shoulders.

Truth be told… I am not good with posing Gundams wielding guns as much as I am with swords… and Seravee doesn’t come with any >_>

Even though Seravee technically does have a rotating waist, it is pretty much obstructed as you can see ^^;.


As if wielding them in his hands wasn’t intimidating enough, now let’s mount the bazookas on the shoulders…and call them cannons!

The process is easy and painless. No slipping off and such like that. Just stick them in place and the hands will hold. You can still rotate the cannons left or right a little too ^^.

I didn’t take many aerial shots because the legs doesn’t look like they belong in the air. The gundam looks the same whether in the air or on the ground >_>. Not sure how to explain it but it’s not really the articulation… but maybe the design?


It’s amazing what you can do with two bazookas! Personally, I believe Tieria is secretly a Super Robot fan as he is always shouting ridiculous attack names whenever he fires like “HYPER BURST MODE!”… I’m sure he meant to say “STONER SUNSHINEEEE!”

A bit out of place but just thought I show how effortless Seravee can do a kneeling post. Like I said, its legs have great articulation despite the bulky design.

This is where the troubles are at. One bazooka on each arm was fine but two on one hand (especially with one below said hand) and you’re bound to run into weight issues thanks to the law of physics. It is not terribly annoying but the cannon will slowly sag if you get Seravee to hold up the cannon. The arms are partly to blame here as well since they aren’t exactly snug and does feel a bit loose right out of assembly.

Still awesome though ^^


For its price, scale, and grade, this model exceeds a few expectations. It looks great unlike cheap 1/144 models in the past and most parts are in the right colors. I’d still recommend some painting though as the plain clear parts aren’t exactly… attractive combined with the foil stickers. There’s not really many legitimate things I can complain about here ^^;. I can overlook the minor color separation on the hip cannons and loose elbows because it can still look cool doing other poses. Even though it has a wide range of articulation, poses are still limited due to its weapons… but that’s just me ^^;. In any case, Z approves of this model ^_^b!


Celestial Preventer


60 thoughts on “HG 1/144 Seravee Gundam GNHW/B

  1. If they make an MG i will get it.
    But it seems there is a way bit to go before they release other frames for 00 in the MG level

  2. isn’t there a version of the Seravee that has 3 Seraphims…10 Swords of doom and More Beam Spam than a Gundam Seed Destiny mobile suit!

  3. Do you think its possible to drill a hole in one of Seravee leg cannons so a hand can be placed in it or is it too small?
    It just that I want to recreate the Seravee scene holding six beam sabers. (Sabers will be from Seraphim and other gundams)

        1. But thank you for the idea.
          It just seems buying two Seraphim is unnecessary and that its easier custom the leg cannon arms instead.

      1. This sounds like a job for the two Seraphim. :L
        But I wonder, is the Seraphim arms on that back pack similar size to the leg cannons?

  4. Actually I may get the robot damashii version as I believe it already has the six beam sabers with it and other gimmicks.
    But this maybe more costly…

    Is the robot damashii the size of HG 1/144 models or are they a different size?

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