HG 1/144 Stark Jegan ECOAS Type

Stark Jegan- The Feddies were too cheap to develop new mobile suits so they decided to just upgrade their outdated Jegans with new toys to compete with new tech. Upper management in the EFSF decided to turn to Stark Industries for help in designing new weapon modules for their dated Jegan, hence the name Stark Jegan. The upgrades came in the form of missile pods, revised sensors, extra armor and added thrusters. There were talks of adding an arc reactor to the Jegans too but talk fell through when the feddies couldn’t agree to let the boss of Stark Industries paint their Jegans in a metallic red and yellow so the weapon modules were all that the Feddies bought.

One of these units piloted by a nameless grunt (possibly a veteran) did what no nameless grunts has ever done in the history of grunts in ANY mecha series (is this stretching it a bit?). During the heat of battle with a giant green monster piloted by a named character, what is a nameless grunt to do when all his other comrades have already been shot down by said monster with funnel spamming? Purge the missile pods, then charge in with a beam saber. That’s what. His valiant effort will forever be remembered and celebrated in this model.

Jegan ECOAS Type- In a gesture to show that they care about the Earth and the environment, the Feddies designed and built this environmentally friendly version of the regular Jegan. The suit is made with 100% biodegradable material so while the it is lighter than the regular Jegan, it is also more fragile thanks to its paper-thin armor. The cockpit is made out of  recycled plastic held together by an adhesive substance made from Oryza Sativa, a natural sustainable crop on Earth. To further show that the suit is environmentally conscious, the suit is not painted at all hence the paper bag color scheme. To minimize damage to the units, this eco-friendly version is relegated to mainly stealth or patrol duties since direct combat will put it at a severe disadvantage.


10 runners for the Stark Jegan. No foil stickers but there are marking stickers. One of the runner sure got a lot chopped off…

8 runners for the ECOAS Type. This one actually comes with foil and marking sheets!


Pretty basic stuff here. Just straight-forward with no gimmicks. Snap them together and go.

The same goes for this one except the front armor is slightly different. The backpack does not have any binders unlike the Stark model.


Wow. the head itself is one piece. There are other face parts on the runner that allows you to create the other version of the Jegan. For its visor, I painted it clear blue (you can see this later).

The same goes for the ECOAS head. The only difference is that you can swap between two different visors. I later painted the clear visor clear red. For both models, I painted the area behind the visor silver so it can reflect better.


The extra armor and missile launchers on the shoulders added quite a few parts to an otherwise plain assembly. The model comes with open fists and only one trigger hand for weapons.

Stark Jegan arms – armor and missiles = plain Jegan arms.


Much like the arms, the armor added more depth to an otherwise plain assembly. There are no holes or pegs on the legs for the Stark armor to connect to so the parts just kinda sit there but they won’t really wobble all that much. After assembly, you can already kinda tell that the articulation is not that great for this model ^^;.

Repeat what I said about the arms.


The front skirts were originally one connected piece but  I separated them since that made absolutely no sense. The ball part that connects the legs can rotate laterally slightly to help with posing… kinda.

Oops… looks like I forgot to take photo of the completed waist for the ECOAS type ^^;. Anyway, the ECOAS waist is internally identical to the Stark’s but the outside lacks any sort of armor skirts. The side skirts also have non-functional hand grenades as well.


Bazooka, beam saber, and some pallet gun.

Same as above but different designs and an extra shield.


Lookin’ mean.

It’s a clean looking model but some nubmarks are just terrible to clean and sticks out pretty badly (front of the elbows…wtf?). I think the legs could be a tad longer for how stubby/wide they are; the model looks more chubby than muscular (not sharp).

I think the model could use some more panel lines…


I didn’t like the beige on some of the parts (collar, upper feet, head visor and upper crotch) so I sprayed them in gray so the model is only in a two tone color scheme. This is also my first time using brown panel lines too so I wasn’t really used to it (the lines are really hard to see until I topcoated the model).

Stealthy looking. Same nubmark issues apply here as well.

So militaristic!

Cyclops mode. Or “Four  Eyes”. Whichever you prefer to call it.

The headpiece really do give a lot of character to an otherwise grunt suit. The headpiece kinda reminds me of the mask that Tieren pilots have on xD


Different design. No difference.

pew pew pew pew?

And some more pew pew pew.

I did not regret painting the area behind the visor silver and the visor clear blue/red ^^;.


The nameless soldier was too awesome… *sheds a tear*

I wish the knees can bend more… the articulation is standard HG fare. Not great but not bad. It’s just there.


Hard to believe such a cool looking suit is actually just a grunt Jegan :D


Instead of resting on the shoulder, this bazooka is used under the arm.

Pretty easy weapon to pose with.

Probably still can’t hit anything with it ^^;.

The ECOAS version comes with a handle!

I wish it comes with two trigger hands so I can dual wield…

This model kinda reminds me of Votoms too…


Can’t really have a 2-in-1 review without the two in the same photo-op, can we?

You can see the similarities and differences more clearly

Backing each other up like bros!

Jegans assemble!



This is what I really wanted to achieve by having the two models.

The armor is a tad lighter gray than the joints but still works!

Very war machine-like!

And the Stark Jegan becomes… well, a Jegan >_>. It was a PITA getting the armor off.

Not sure if I need to come up with new poses for this variation but one thing is needed for sure…



There is really not much I can talk about for these two kits. It seems like they were created simply to accompany the HGUC Unicorn and fill up the series line. There is nothing too remarkable about them; the articulation for both models are only enough to get the job done. The legs and knees feel kinda restricted and lacking though. Nub marks are generally well hidden except some poor spots like the elbow and forearms which are really bad. It also doesn’t help that the two sports really irregular color schemes so the average person might not have the paint readily available to color correct or hide the nubmarks. It sucks but oh well. Outside of that, these two will still make a good display in accompanying the rest of the HGUC line-up. Since both models are identical and the weapons are the same, it’s really just a matter of which design you prefer more. Still, can’t really go wrong with either one.

P.S Please disregard the crap I wrote at the very beginning of this review ^^;

32 thoughts on “HG 1/144 Stark Jegan ECOAS Type

  1. Oddly enough, I’m totally in love with ECOAS Type- it was actually the second Gundam I purchased, following the basic Gunpla starter set (with the RX-78). I also got the Avalanche Exia, and ordered the Shin Musha, and I’m getting the MG Deathscythe this week

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