HG 1/100 Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom

First off, excuse the lame pictures in this review. The photos were before I actually have a camera and got a new workspace ^_^;

I fell in love when I first saw the HG 1/144 model of this Gundam and saw how strikingly awesome it looked on the boxart (c’mon, I was only 11 at the time). It was the first stylish Gundam I’ve seen. The name is badass and the wings is just awe-inspiring. Much props to Katoki for designing this Gundam over Okawara’s design.

This is actually my second time owning this kit since I sold my original 1/100 because I had to move across the US. There’s not much stuff I need to point out about this kit. If you’ve build more recent 1/100 kits from the SEED series then this model is a little less than them. Aside from the red foil stickers for the cheeks, this model requires little to no extra detailing to look clean. Unfortunately, poseability is limited thanks to its ankle not being able to rotate freely. This model will have balancing issues if you try to stretch it a bit far unless you can counter balance with its scythe but then, some things will just look awkward. I don’t mind it just standing with its scythe though. The wide wing span takes up quite a lot of space; I would say 10-12″ maybe?

Old and new photos added


22 thoughts on “HG 1/100 Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom

  1. was I the only one that strongly disliked this model?

    it wouldn’t stand or hold the scythe very well at all.

    1/144 was nice, but I’m happy with the MSIA version, also tough to pose and play, but WAY easier then 1/100

    1. Hey Tac, first of all there’s one thing you have to understand, These HG ARE MODEL KITS meaning they aren’t toys to be played with, you keep moving them and the joints with be loose and it could break. if you want a toy that you can play with go buy an action figure.

  2. I don’t have a single 1/100 HG model. I only have 1/100 MG’s and 1/200 HCM Pros and 1/144 HG’s and others. But I was a big fan of Gundam Wing until 00 hit the air. D-Scythe Custom looks awsome, but I think I’ll still go for the 1/144 kits for Gundam Wing Endless Watlz. xD

  3. D-scythe hell custom is the best gundam from gundam wing for me (yes, more than wing zero custom).
    But, the 1/144 kit is bad.. the 1/144 is so easy to fall apart (especially the wing). It’s one of the most annoying kit I have ever had… (1/100 F90II-L is still the most annoying model ever…). I think the 1/100 is still better….but I dunno…

  4. I HATE YOU =D!
    I ALWAYS WANT this Gundam u.u
    D-scythe is the best gundam….

    good luck! =)

    Someday i will buy them and i’ll be happy =D

    sorry for my english. =D
    Is basic, because I speak spanish :D

    I love your pictures :3!

  5. I just bought this model yesterday and the figure is quite nice especially the wing..
    I already have Wing Gundam Zero Custom and this deathscyte added to my collection (i other words, it contrast to Wing-0 Custom since the wings for angel and demons.. hahaha
    I enjoyed Wing Series so much and really hope that Ban Dai release the MG for Deathscythe

  6. I am also hoping for a MG Deathscythe Hell… I’m sure Bandai can find some way to reuse the MG Wing frame to save some money >_>

  7. hey Z, I’ve been lurking your site for quite sometime now(more than a year) and I’ve a question,you think I should get this or the 144 scale version?Thanks!

  8. Siroh, I’ve actually seen a fully completed/painted MG D-Hell Custom made with MG Wing’s frame years back. It was damn gorgeous…

    BataneAgno, Back then the 1/100 were way better than their HG 1/144 counterparts. Go for this one instead. You’ll be pretty happy with it ^^

  9. wwaaahhhh! I want moar pics for this model! Just got the 1/100 NG Endless Waltz Nataku and I want the Deathschythe.
    But im not getting it until I see a proper review somewhere. (I’m not saying your review isn’t proper, just that I want more new images so I can get a better understanding of the Gundam.)

  10. Hahaha… the photos for this model are soooo old. The first half (WISP shots) were taken with my cell phone since I didn’t have a camera back then xD. Really, I don’t think there’s too much to show for this model… maybe a few new poses here and there but that’s it. The 1/100 EW models are “HG” by the way.

  11. I own the 1/144 model of this but man it is really bad i prefer the 1/100 version which i am planning to get cause the 1/144 breaks a falls apart easily,=( so far while playing around i broke the v fin (ouch) and the left shoulder piece so i say go for the 1/100 its way better =D

  12. I used to own the 1/100 Wing Zero and Wing Zero custom and the other original 3/5(couldn’t find shenlong and Heavy arms at target) 1/144 ones from Gundam Wing. I always wanted this one but never got it =( but I was a total n00b (11 yrs old) at the time and didn’t even know you were supposed to use gundam markers to make it look good.

  13. Man! can’t wait for my DSH EW…

    been reading your reviews and boy, what can I say? you make me wanna buy each one of the kits you put here just to look up the pros and cons of those as a whole… I placed this site in my bookmarks… hope to see more from your work in the future… ;p

    @Ryuuzaki: MG DSH EW will come out next year…

  14. I wish Bandai will make all the Customs (EW Gundams) in Master Grade form, as we were teased for EW versions of the TV Gundams.

  15. To be honest, I actually like the color scheme of the old 1/100 more than the Master Grade. The purple is an eyesore (at least, for me).

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