HG 1/100 Gundam Double X + G-Falcon

The 1/100 Gundam Double X was the very very first Gundam model I ever bought (2000? 1999?). This is even when I have no idea what Gundam actually is. I bought it because the name sounds “powerful” and the pictures on the box certainly helped ahaha. Too bad my original model was long destroyed so I thought I pick up this “upgraded” version for nostalgic purposes in 2007.

How should I talk about this particular model… The Double X model is pretty typical 1/100. There’s not a single bit of inner structures like MG (why would it?) and every joints and limbs are connected solely through polycaps on polycaps, which means you can expect loose parts overtime. The Double X can stand very well when completed since the ankle can move freely and allows the feet to be flat. The gold plates and wings certainly add a nice touch. Overall, it looks very good and there’s nothing to complain about appearance-wise (unless you think the Double X’s design is ugly to begin with). The model only comes with two beam sabers, beam mono-color beam rifle, shield and its Twin Satellite Cannon. The V-fin, chest vents and foot aren’t gold molded; I painted them that way using my gold Gundam marker so they will match the gold plates. After playing around with the model for the new photos, the joints are loose and the model became a little backheavy; if the satellite cannons aren’t deployed then it’ll most likely fall back and crash. This is not a problem at all because its main and best gimmick are the cannons >_>.

The G-Falcon… is a huge blob of plastic. plastic. plastic. plastic. It’s a model that was built with the minimal amount of parts and consequently, needs a lot of detailing to get proper color. This is where a giant sheet of foil stickers come in. I hate foil stickers and applying them to almost 20% of the entire surface of a model kit is a no-no. The thing is cheap looking due to its semi-glossy blue and red parts and the crapload of foil stickers.

Combining the two wasn’t very difficult but it also wasn’t very… effective. There’s no rigidity in the combined form so you still have to move its individual component by itself to pose or whatever. it’s not very moveable anyway. Definitely not as impressed as I could be even taking into consideration of how old this kit actually is. Another problem is that the final result doesn’t even look uniform but that could simply just be harsh judgment on my part.

At the end, I just decided to ditch the G-Falcon and keep the Double X as a standalone. Even though it might not seem like it, The DX + G-Falcon combo takes up a MASSIVE amount of space (more than the Zeta Plus Hummingbird). If you have an IkEA Detolf glass shelf, this model can pretty much take up one whole shelf by itself! I regretted buying this model instead of just getting the original Double X. Do note that the Double X in this model doesn’t come with the cool extra weapons that the standalone 1/100 Double X comes with. They are a Gundam Hammer, beam javelin, and a twin Hyper Beam Sword. I would gladly take those over the G-Falcon.

This kit wasn’t worth the money. Not even for the G-Falcon.

48 thoughts on “HG 1/100 Gundam Double X + G-Falcon

  1. I’m actually the very opposite – I love the G-falcon!
    I have the 1/100 DX kit with the weapons and it’s been sitting in my closet for 7 years (since 2004) just because it didn’t come with the G-falcon.

    After watching the anime a second time last week, I knew I just had to get myself a DX + G-falcon kit.
    The G-falcon docking on the DX actually looks amazing in the anime. I’ll start building the model as soon as I get it and see for myself if it’s actually as bad as everyone says it to be.
    Thanks so much for the review!

  2. the fuel pods on the falcon are supposed to go down so the setup can fire level to the ground…
    otherwise, it’s a very nice kit, and wether you want the accessories or the falcon is up to the buyer…

  3. I have a complete set of Gundam x series and just hapens my first gundam kit is also Gundam DX+ G-Falcon. and you’re right about the joints. it’s lame and can fall off most of the time. But must be because it’s from the past production is not so good like now. I have HG Gundam S and Ex-S and both are strong and can stand firmly (my Gundam Ex-s HG can firmly stand without help…. I love EX-S).

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