HG Panda’gguy


Cute. Very cute, Bandai. When I first saw these uh… “Gundam models”, the thing that came to my was “Wow. The Gunpla scene sure has changed”. I am going to take a wild guess that this line-up of ‘gguys probably came into existence due to a combination of dwindling sales from the main demographics and Bandai finally catching on and struck home with a new demographic. It looks to be quite popular. Inexpensive, easy, and cute. Why not?

… I can’t believe I actually forgot to take a photo of the number of runners (4). The complete assembly instruction is all on one page. Bandai was nice enough to give you extra sets of each eyes so you can swap expressions and back but I rather them include interchangeable eye parts instead (it would only be two extra plastic parts!). I like how they include a catalog of their other offerings (Frieza!).



Oh yea… that’s ALL the parts to the complete model. base included. You might as well challenge yourself by just looking at the schematics once or twice then see if you can assemble the kit without instructions.

Assembly complete! Just gotta topcoat. I went with the angry eyes because… well, if I had to choose only one expression for the rest of my life, I would be pretty angry about it too.


Thinking back, I should have just made those popping vein marks with a gundam marker or just leave it off… the sticker circle is too obvious :(


The determination to take over the world…


Yea… with pegs for both arms and legs, there really isn’t any “articulation” to speak of. If I don’t have joints in my arms and legs, I would be one angry panda too. If anyone is wondering, this thing is about the size of your average SD Gundam but obviously a little thinner. It fits in your palm nicely.



Woah watch out! This Panda(‘gguy) is armed and dangerous! With a bamboo (beam?) saber!

Bamboo (beam?) sabers are the way to go for the future. Bamboo is eco-friendly, renewable, sustainable and packs one hell of a whack (I would know…). It is even edible! Who needs Minovsky particles when you have bamboo?



Not only does the action base helps the Panda stand (that head is kinda heavy for them scrawny legs), it even functions somewhat as an “action” base… for what little action pose that it can pull off.




So dynamic!



Wherever I see these models at the store (in Japan and in the US), people get curious and pick it up. Many don’t even know what it is but all of them find it cute. I even saw some girls just bought the Petit’gguys almost impulsively. Why not? It is inexpensive, cheap, and probably fun to put together for those who never did such things nor cared for Gunpla to begin with.


This is one of those things that you will know exactly what you are getting into at first sight. No explanation needed. You buy, you build, poke some fun at it, then let it sit somewhere to collect dust. Orrrrrrr… build it and give it to a lady friend if you know she likes cute things ^^;…


… and that’s exactly what I did so I don’t have this Panda’gguy anymore. She loves it though. Score!


6 thoughts on “HG Panda’gguy

  1. So based on you writing I assume you not following the newer Gundam series and obviously their merchandises ^^
    Panda looks better than I thought, at least he not simply color swap like most of the bear(s), I almost grab this few months ago but after few hesitation in store, I grab the Iron Blooded orphans Option set instead LOL

      1. So not even Unicorn finished ^^ also now they made tv series “renewal” for it LOL…. Funny Thing once I question if Z watch Gundam Build Fighter what he will say about it and all the imaginative Gundam models ahahaha and How I feel lately Gundam plastic getting softer LOL

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