Kamen Rider


IMG_7284Kamen Rider Accel Trial

IMG_6968Kamen Rider Accel

IMG_6784Kamen Rider W FangJoker

IMG_6629Kamen Rider W CycloneJoker Xtreme

IMG_6216Kamen Rider W HeatMetal

IMG_6169Kamen Rider W LunaTrigger

IMG_5959Kamen Rider W CyclonJoker / Machine Hardboilder

IMG_3494Kamen Rider Kuuga- Ultimate Form

IMG_3421Kamen Rider Agito

IMG_2888Kamen Rider Kabuto

IMG_3101Kamen Rider Black RX


IMG_3187Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form

IMG_3148Kamen Rider Faiz Axel Form

50 thoughts on “Kamen Rider

  1. Z, do you recommend the SIC or the SH?
    I found multiple Kamen Riders on both production companies (such as Kabuto, Den-O Momotaros Imagin, Kiva, Ixa)

    Which do you recommend? Any good pointers?

    1. Depends on your budget and what aesthetics pleases you. All three line-up (SIC, SH, and SIC Kiwami) are fairly spaced apart in prices- you can pick up a Kiwami figure for $10-20, a SHF for $30-40, and SIC for $60+ so it’s not exactly comparable. From what I’ve seen, you get a lot of “figure” out of SIC figures (I like to think of them as the KR counterpart of GFF). I can’t comment on any real SICs yet because I haven’t seen nor touched one before… still waiting for my first one to come in later.

      1. Appreciate your reply. Now I’m waiting for your S.I.C figure!

        Sorry if this might be troublesome, but is it possible to make this site adapted to an iPod or iPhone? Whenever I type the URL on my iPod, it sends me to this link without any images (or blank images).

        Appreciate your effort on posting your experience with Gunpla :D

        1. hmm… I can’t say I know how to or if it is even possible but I’ll check up on it later. I don’t have an ipod/phone so I’m not sure how this blog looks like on it ^^;.

  2. Z, it’s all your fault that I’m craving for Kamen Riders! hehehe. Anyway, I’m planning to get myself a Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker.. but which is better? the Master Grade version or the S.H. Figuarts? in terms od articulation, posability and over all details? Thanks in advance! :D

    1. From the looks of it, the MG seems to best the SHF in every way including size… with the exception of signature poses (I don’t think you can “count up your sins” with those hands…). Not to mention it is also $10-15 more than the SHF depending on where you look. Your call though.

      1. I would like you to review any W figuarts you got. Just finished watching W and that alone convinced me to get FangJoker and Accel.

        Also, thinking about starting to watch Kuuga or Ryuki.

        1. Kuuga is really good… I’m going to finish watching that before I finish W ^^;. I’m also watching Ryuki at the moment too but only like 3-4 episodes in… Not as exciting in my opinion >_>.

          Kabuto will catch your attention!

    1. I’m always impressed with how you managed to spell that name every time while I can’t even remember the first half of the syllables…

  3. I just default to calling him Zero…got him from a friend on the cheap!

    Got Skull, FangJoker and Accel on the way to go with my Joker too..Excited to see what other figuarts you got in the giant stack you posted awhile back.

    1. I have two exclusives bought… but they’re not released yet. Everything here and what I’ll be reviewing later this month are all regular releases.

  4. Z,

    i just want to ask where do you buy your SHF’s?
    do you buy them online? if ever you buy them online, where actually do you buy them?

    I tried to buy from HLJ once, but when it reached me, the box of my SHF has already been opened (the sides of the box has been double-taped), i dont know if they opened it for security purposes or they just made a mistake and put an opened SHF box into my shipment :(

    can you recommend some stores near SD, CA? thanks Z :)

    1. You mean San Diego, CA? I wouldn’t know since I am not from CA and only been to LA once my whole life ^^;

      I got most of at SHF on ebay or your usual Japanese online sites when they go on sale. Now you can probably ask Gundam Guy from GG Infinite if he can order some for you.

        1. The link to Gundam Guy is on my blogroll. Ebay is generally safe; depends on the seller, service is not bad. You can pay like up to $15 shipping but it would still be cheaper than some other places… if lucky. Check it out for yourself.

  5. I just received my SIC kabuto, kinda unlucky, the right side of the front armor of of the normal form looks like it got “punched in” making it looks uneven.

    Thankfully the Hyper form parts didnt get any defect/damaged part so permanently leave it in Hyper Form for now i guess. it looks impressive too

    Do you have plan to get SIC cyclone Joker/extreme. the extreme part looks really good IMO

    1. I likened SIC figures to be that of GFF; defects are expected, unfortunately. Hyper Form was the only reason why I bought my SIC Kabuto >_>

      And yea, I’m planning on getting the SIC CJ but I really don’t like the Extreme…

    1. Btw, Toei removed all Kamen Rider 555 videos on Youtube.

      I dunno about others, but it’s said that I can’t see Faiz’s Crimson Smash anymore :[

  6. hmmm, I like to start my kamen rider collection, problem is, don’t know what line I’ll go for, SHF, SIC or SIC Kiwami. I love the re-imagine or organic/gothic theme of SIC, but the price make me think twice or thrice, and they also say that SIC always tend to go rare, as it is rare for that line to have re-issues, what I love is SIC Dark Kiva and Ixa set. SHF, price not on the expensive side, but the thing that I don’t like is their design inconsistency, like some have thin or anorexic limbs, some have fat or muscular, I like Shadowmoon and Black. SIC Kiwami, the problem is that limited series are release.

    Can you help to decide on this one? I’ll love and appreciate your answers, thanks! ^_^ .

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