SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Black RX

This is the child of the sun! KAMEN RIDER BLACK RX! And also the very first Kamen Rider that I’ve laid eyes on when I was a wee lad. Not to mention that this Kamen Rider also brought me into the “action” world and from there, planed the seed of Otakuism in me ^^;.

Been wanting a figure of RX since I was a kid but my mom would always refuse. Now I finally have my own!

Aside from the metallic(ish)-green-painted chest, the rest of the body including all four limbs are straight-up soft bare green plastic. And when I mean soft, I really meant soft!  Almost kinda rubbery. The antenna is also soft plastic… very flexible and soft, meaning that it can probably come warped (mine was a bit) or warped over time due to heat or something. I supposed this sort of texture replicates the real suit a bit more accurately eh?

A closer look at the details. I love the details inside the eyes! I think a good layer of matte top coat would’ve enhanced the look of the figure…

Revolcane and three pairs of hands is all you get.

RX’s design is one of my favorite along with Kabuto’s. I like how RX’s design is almost straight-to-business, almost military-like whereas the Heisei riders sport flashy and colorful armors.


Out of all the Kamen Rider series I’ve seen so far, RX has the most hand motions for the Henshin BY FAR… rivaling that of Black, who is the same person anyway.

I must admit… Not having seen the series, I had a hard time imagining poses for RX ^^;.

A pretty flexible figure I must say. Articulation is decent but nothing stunning. The only thing it can’t really do is turn its head since it doesn’t really have a “neck”; the head will pop off if you turn it pass 20 degrees or so to the right/left from the front. It also can’t tilt up or down much.

“俺は太陽の子!仮面ライダーブラック! RX!”

This is not his Rider Kick





… This is his Rider Kick. A dropkick.

Yea.. I had to bound his feet through the use of a Tamashii Stage otherwise he’ll just look like he’s float-standing in midair and that looks really lame (just look at the back of its box).

The classic RIDER KICK!


So wait… it’s not a sword? >_>

The Revolcane is much cooler than both a lightsaber and a beamsaber because it can stored inside the belt! Talk about concealable weapons…

I vaguely remember monsters dying gruesomely by the “blade” of the Revolcane.

“IKUZE! IKUZE! IKUZE!” …oops, wrong line.

Swords always look cooler when held upside-down.

RX’s revolcane is the only KR sword that actually looks like a weapon whereas the other Riders wield stuff that looks like (and actually is) toys *points at Kabuto’s Perfect Zecter*


The Revolcrash finishing pose… Needs some explosion in the background to make it look the part. Anyway, this is a very versatile figure- it has enough quality to be a display while flexible and solid enough to endure some play. While some things like the paint or plastic or maybe even its proportions (it’s a bit anorexic looking, no?) can be improved upon on, there isn’t really anything “disappointing” about this figure at all. Since its SIC counterpart looks ugly as all hell, I think this SHF is the best looking figure of Kamen Rider Black RX out there.

17 thoughts on “SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Black RX

  1. Just curious… how much does this figure cost? I am interested in getting one after this review….


  2. Awesome! Shame that it was sold out near my place. They still have Black, but I rather get both Black and RX than just one of them.

    I agree that the SIC version looks ugly, but I really love it since it’s designs (as with all other SICs figures) is way more hardcore compared to original RX’s design.

    1. I’ve got one too. I’ve yet to finish KR Agito episodes (still a lot more to go). One of the only reason I’ve got Ageeto (the way I’m referring to Another Agito) is it’s designs is unique and organic-like. I love the fact that KR Ichigo’s and Nigo’s design from movie “The First” and “The Next” inspired by Ageeto. You can make out the uncanny resemblances.

  3. It seems like the S.I.C Masked Rider Dark Kiva uses a revolcane as well. It’s red, and he wears a cloak.

    Reference to Luke vs. Vader?

    1. oh no that’s not a revolcane… it’s actually more like a whip >_>. But now that you point it out, it does resemble the Revolcane quite a bit… Just looks more toy-ish.

  4. u say RX has complicated handmotion? try ZX =.= Black and RX have the best henshin pose out of all riders in my opinion. just go youtube and search for rider henshin compilation and you will know what i mean

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