Kamen Rider Faiz Axel Form

*Flicks wrist* The whole name for this figure is such a mouthful- SIC Kiwami Tamashii Kamen Rider Faiz Axel Form. whew. Just had to pick it up after watching Kamen Rider 555 and falling in love with this form; fast things are always awesome. Blaster what?

Overall packaging is pretty neat. Clear plastic outside, and cardboard stuff inside and then…

Metal twisties before you can get to the figure. Why oh why must you use these, Bandai? On a $15 figure? Really? I don’t like these things because they are unnecessary and if not careful, they can actually scratch the figure if you decided to cut them… the only way around this is if you spend the time untwisting all of them. Waste of time. Anyway, what you see is all you get in the package: one pair of open hands, the Faiz Gears, briefcase, and the Faiz Edge glow stick used for rave parties.


*Flicks wrist* Despite its size (it’s no taller than 4.5″), the figure is loaded with details. This “re-imagined” version of Faiz is a bit more muscular, more “serious business” and cyborg-ish looking than its TV counterpart and I think it looks great. While the whole figure might be a hot mess, there are a couple very minor aesthetic flaws such as uneven shoulder pads and some messy paint spots that you can’t tell if it is intentional (weathering) or accidental.

Just look at the amazing details on his chest! Though one thing I don’t like are the holes on its body where you are supposed to plug in the Faiz gears.


The very downside to this form is that it only lasts 10 seconds >_<. To make it sound better, Faiz can kick major asses in under 10 seconds in Axel Form.


*Flicks wrist* I’ll say its articulation is just a hair short of “great”; the arms’ articulation is somewhat restricted by the shoulders and range of motion is decent at best. Everywhere else is pretty awesome though- the body can rotate 360 degrees, and the legs can kneel… but nothing on the foot (no biggie).

It is somewhat capable of pulling this kick (standing on one leg is the test). Just requires a lot of balancing.

One thing that might raise some eyebrows is that this figure doesn’t come with any closed fists for posing… so it punches with the Edge-holding hand. It looks a bit off from a live perspective though not too bad in photos.

No problems with loose joints and stuff like that. While the joints aren’t tight, they rotate pretty smoothly and feels sturdy enough for heavy playing. *Flicks wrist*

Size comparison with SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Kabuto

Size comparison with HG 1/144 Seravee. See… it’s not all that small.


His glow stick needs to be longer… and more edgy, less round. *Flicks wrist*


Would’ve liked some effect parts… or maybe even just a large phi sign.

I like the sinister look while holding this thing ^^


*Flicks wrist* The Faiz pose… I like how Kamen Riders can make any sort of simple pose look badass… even a squat ^^;.



*Fires energy drill*



Faiz has like one of the coolest Rider Kicks as he can seemingly jump again in mid-air to do the kick after shooting his laser pointer at the foe.

*Warps out*


*Flicks wrist* There really isn’t anything to complain about here. The lack of closed fist is a non-issue since I have him holding his Faiz Edge anyway. The figure is beautiful and works wonderful as both a display piece AND as an action figure- something very few, if any, figures can accomplish decently. Well, okay… so maybe it can probably be about half an inch bigger or so but for around $20, I don’t think you can really find anything even close to this unless there’s some huge sale or something. While the SIC line is known for its re-imagined designs and details, its looks might not appeal to everyone in certain cases though. I’m just glad I picked up this figure ^^.


21 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Faiz Axel Form

  1. After looking at this review, I’m somewhat feel a bit regret for getting SIC KT Den-O Sword as it doesn’t look as impressive as Faiz here. Sure, it have more hands than Faiz Axel, but I can’t think of any cool poses other than the “Ore Sanjou!” pose. If I had to nitpick about KT Den-O Sword is that they didn’t include a left hand to hold the sword. Would have been nice to be able to replicate the “Full Charge” pose.

    As for the SIC figure lines, I have always love it’s re-imagined designs and such. For KT lines, it’s a bit small for my taste, but they do make a very nice collectibles, considering that it’s price is far too reasonable. For me at least.

  2. Seems like many people are starting to go into Kamen Rider merchandises lately, and not to mention we have Rider-Fest going on right now.

    nice review, might get this if I ever find it.
    and LOL on the *flick wrist* XD

  3. So you got this one as well. I also wanted this one too but I won’t find it locally unless there is a re-issue in the future.

    The Axel form is indeed better than Blaster which totally felt weird to me. I also see that you state that the paint job is a bit messy at some spots. Hm, looks like it could be a common thing for this line of SIC. Could be due to the size or, as you said, intentional.

  4. Dammit Z if you keep reviewing Kamen Rider stuff I’m gonna have to start buying them!
    Faiz Axel Form first!

    And despite all that I voted “Yay!” on your poll…

  5. Sadly Decade used this form for Speed Pwning more than he did use Kabuto…

    This thing cost 15 $, the last time I was one they were like 45$ well it was local pricing.

  6. *Flicks wrist* very complete review. they should have provided the crimson smash drill to reenact energy drill spam scene

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