SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Kabuto

Grandmother said this, “Simple and effcient packaging is always better than excessive packaging… it’s easier to get to the fun”.

Grandmother said this, “Simple style and Heroic action… that is the essence of the SHFiguarts”

Grandmother said this, “When posing an SHFiguarts, pose it like the real Kamen Rider to give it a sense of realism… otherwise it’ll look like a silly toy”

Grandmother said this, “For something that has ‘arts’ in its name, it should be properly justified with the appropriate details on it at every corner”.

Grandmother said this, “Extra weapons are unnecessary when you only have two hands to wield them and you fight better with your bare hands… that’s why it’s better to have more hands than accessories!”

The head has one missing subtle detail- the gray “fangs” on its “mouth”. The “brick walls” inside the eyes look pretty awesome though.

Grandmother said this, “While a figure’s heroic action is limited by its articulation, Creativity in posing can make it shine”.

ORE SANJOU!!! Oh wait… wrong series.

Subtle yet still looking badass…


Toy version of the actual toy used in the series

Confidently holding its toy gun…

Grandmother said this, “The toy gun is not just for show!”


Daggers are dangerous weapons…

But I wish it has a sword though…

The horn on his head is almost the size of his Kunai…

Grandmother said this, “Joints are what allowed figures to pose. Well-designed and solid joints are what makes an action figure great”


“MY STRENGTH WILL MAKE YOU CRY!”… Oops, wrong series again…

Grandmother said this, “A well-designed gun will let you hold it by the barrel and wield it as an axe.”

Dynamic Chop…



“1, 2, 3!” “Rider Kick…”




Grandmother said this…

“There is only one name in the world you must remember…”

“… Walking the path of heaven…”

“… The man who will rule over everything.”

17 thoughts on “SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Kabuto

  1. Haha. XD
    That was a whole lot of grandmother “quotes”. Very creative commenting there as well as the Den-O references (and I recently got that SIC Kiwami Den-O Sword Form).

    You’re right, the photos themselves tells about the figure rather well. Very solid and true to the series (plus its Kabuto). ^^

  2. Awesome review, as always.
    Do you, by any chance, planning to get the SIC Kabuto? There will be re-issue on September. I’m definitely going to get one simply for it’s amazing play value. Would be nice if they do the same with SIC Dark Kabuto & Gatack.

    BTW, what do you think of the new KR series, 000 (pronounced Oz)? The one that will come after KR W.

    1. I’ll give it a try… but based on pure aesthetics alone, I think that Kamen Rider looks a bit silly. I’m not feeling its design at all… nor his name…

  3. like your review, well maybe you would like to replace the last one (rather weird?) or maybe you actually want to show that…

    “Tendou Souji!!”

    that Street-light-alike Kamen Rider?
    even with 32forms, I still can’t differentiate them…

  4. Very nice, Z. I got my Kuuga/Goku/Gohan last week and I’ve taken a handful of pictures, but not enough for reviews of each like I want to. They’re really nice though, wish I got in to them sooner so I could have gotten some of those Tamashii exclusives like Amazing Mighty form Kuuga.

  5. Awesome pics/review as always, man! I can never seem to balance mine when I attempt a rider kick pose.

    I almost always keep mine him in his signature “Walking the Path of Heaven” stance. ;v

    And hoo-ray for a Kamen Rider section !!

  6. Wow looks like kamen rider is catching up on a lot of blogs! Lol I love the Den O references! Seriously Z, you should replace their marketing photos with yours…I am sold on your poses!

  7. nice pix review! love the ‘clock up’ pix…feels like it ‘moving’ so fast! :P ore sanjou?kamen rider den-o?

    1. Cheng Shi, it’s the reference to the show Kamen Rider Kabuto. They guy using this Kamen references his grandmother a lot, showing family importance.

  8. I never liked the designs for Kabuto. They were….
    I dunno what to say.
    My tastes are more closer to IXA, Kiva, and Faiz Axel.

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