SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Kuuga- Ultimate Form

Ah… Kamen Rider Kuuga’s Ultimate Form is literally that… Kuuga’s very last and most powerful form in the series. Sadly, it only had about two minutes worth of screen time u_u. The design was easily my favorite way before I even watched the series so I just had to pick up its SHF. The black and gold color scheme… the evil look… “Ultimate” in its name… everything is made of win! Unlike the final forms of certain Riders in other series, this form of Kuuga does not look silly at all (lolDecade). Very badass… very demonic… very cool

Yea… so like… it took me two months to review this figure since at the time I started this review, I haven’t finished watching Kuuga yet so I had no idea how to pose it. Even after watching the series, I still don’t… >_>

HOLY NUMBER OF HANDS, BATMAN! Yea.. that’s more hands than I know what to do with. This is quite a contrast to the SHF Agito where the poor guy doesn’t even have enough hands…

As expected of a SHF, the sculpt is nice and muscular and all the little details are abundant and well painted. Gotta love the gold trim throughout his body! d^_^

At first, the figure’s joints were VERY TIGHT such that I have to deliberately loosen the joints in order to really be able to pose it.

Closer look at the details. Look at the fine details on the amadam belt! I also like the matte black they used too; the paint makes the figure look more like art than a toy figure but it function as either ^^.

Kuuga is suprisingly tall as well…


And here is the hard part… posing the figure!

Well… the actual posing is VERY easy but coming up with poses is the difficult part since there is no material for me to work with ^^;. Diecast feet allows it to stand very confidently. Articulation is as good as it gets but feels sorta weird at first in the direction that it moves in… not sure how to describe it but seems a bit unnatural. However, nothing is really hindered. so 大丈夫!d^_^

Like I said before, it has more hands than I know what to do with… ^^;

Those compound eyes look so cool!


ULTIMATE KUUGA! *guitar riff*

Yea… I’m out of ideas for poses ^^;

*fast-forward two months*

So this is how they make the coolsome effect for the eyes…

It sure is dark… Behold! The true evil/hatred-possessed form of Kuuga that was never shown in the series since Godai is the embodiment of all that is good, his willpower suppressed the demonic energy and kept his senses.


Even with the black eyes, you can still see the details inside ^^. Some will probably thinks he looks more blind than evil though.. which is kinda true; Kuuga is blinded by Hatred in this form ^^;. but 大丈夫!d^_^

”大丈夫じゃない!” q-_-

The black eye certainly makes it look more intimidating…




*Destroys the world* But 大丈夫!d^_^

See! Everything ALL RIGHT! d^_^


What can I say? This is an excellent figure in and of itself. The sculpture and details are top notch. Sure, there aren’t any weapons but that is sorta compensated with the largest array of hands ever to be included with a figure ^^;. There’s not much for me to nitpick on except maybe I got the pelvis joints a bit loose over time but even that didn’t have much negative effect. The biggest obstacle is being able to find one with a reasonable price as Figuarts tend to take awhile to restock and disappear almost immediately afterward. 大丈夫!I’m sure you’ll be able to find one! d^_^ きっと大丈夫!

24 thoughts on “SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Kuuga- Ultimate Form

  1. This, by far has got to be my fav fav form for the Rider’s Final Form. Looks simple, not too flashy, yet very badass. Sure, it lacks the screen time on TV, but at least this form got more screen time on Decade. Shame that this form have been downgraded in Decade to a point where Tsukasa (Decade) isn’t bleeding form Rising Ultimate Kuuga’s punches.

    Looking back at Ultimate Form, I find it’s design to be full irony. Godai is a good and kind person, yet this form actually says otherwise. the same can be said to Daguva, who is evil, and kinda insane, yet his design makes him look like as if he’s an angel.

    Now I really need to get this figure, and hopefully, I’m lucky enough to get Daguva.

    1. I think Daguva also looks like a demon… that face is pretty demonic ^^;. I wish there was more screen time of that guy too… I thought he was the ultimate evil and would torture Godai for awhile almost to the point of insanity but he has less screen time than Ultimate Kuuga!

      And why does all the impossibly-nice people get all the most evil/ultimate of powers? The power goes to waste because they’re never used to their full potential xD

  2. Good photos as ever Z! I loved the last picture! Thumbs up!

    I don’t watch Kamen rider but from your close up photos, these sure are high quality figures!

  3. I gotta say the design of this Rider looks really badass, although with the black eyes it doesn’t look that cool.
    I plan to start watching Kuuga later but I might try to get this figure before that because I really like it.
    Meanwhile, I’m waiting for 2 SHF to arrive…

    1. Kuuga is one of those series where you really have to give it a chance to let it pick up… I got bored after ep. 4 but a quarter way through and stuff is pretty fun ^^.

      Are your new SHF already coming?

  4. Ultimate Kuuga!
    Haven’t seen the series but I plan too once I “get it”. Nonetheless, this form is really badass! Too bad it was kinda awkwardly used in Decade though, really awkward IMHO. ^^;

    The figure looks really nice and that’s a heck lot of hands. Most figures lacks hands but this one has too many hands. XD

  5. lol, all the “大丈夫!” reminded me with El Shaddai XD

    Anyway, nice review :)
    And for the posing, I really can’t think anything else other than the henshin pose, a badass walking pose, and the small pose before Kuuga does his Rider Kick ;&&

  6. You know they actually include the open hands for the ultimate form to hold weapons because according to official info, the ultimate kuuga can use all weapons from the others form.
    It’s funny since they only include the hands without including any weapon

  7. Your photo session always great… I like how you put joke in pose ^^
    Z, can I ask a question? My Ultimate Kuuga’s black eyes is rather green compared to yours…
    Or do you use lightning technique to make up the greenish eyes?

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