SH Figuarts Kamen Rider W CycloneJoker and Machine Hardboilder


Kamen Rider W… even if his (their?) design is simple, it is rather unique with the W motif running throughout the entire body (you can see “W” from head to toe). With six interchangeable memories, W can change into a combination of different forms to adapt to various situation. This ability also allows Bandai to mercilessly pump out different recolors of the same body but with slightly different accessories ^^;. Here is W’s main form: CycloneJoker- Cyclone for speed and Joker for power.

Catchphrase on the back “Saa, omae no tsumi wo kazoero!”

Two “scarfs”, and enough hands for all the important poses. Nothing more.

as one would expect from the SHF line-up, W looks amazing and very well detailed. For the most part, the figure is clean except I see some NUBMARKS hidden under a couple of spots… one being under the W-fin (WTF?!). What I also like is that W actually looks muscular and not skinny like most of the other riders out there. Cyclone’s metallic is really attractive… unlike Joker’s side, which is just bare black plastic D:

A closer look at all the fabulous details

The scarf might look a bit lame with it just down but when you switch to the piece that makes it look like the wind is blowing it, the cool factor DOUBLES!

Now this is a HARDBOILED look…

Seriously, I can spend a long time taking photos of W just standing like this and I wouldn’t get bored ^^;



CYCLONEJOKER! *electric guitar riff*

Don’t think just because this is a simple pose that it is easy to set up, it is actually really hard to make it look the part; the level of the arms, the position of the legs, and making it stand straight… took me quite awhile. There’s a fine line between making it look like he is saying “What’s happening?” and “Yea! That’s right! I’m badass!”. Personally, I don’t think I captured it correctly… ^^;





For the record, not a single dopant nor soul has ever replied to their phrase… and counted.

Whew… It doesn’t get any more hardboiled than this!… or does it? Anyway, this is also a very hard pose to get right and take photos of hence I took many photos of it to make it worth the effort >_>. The difficulty comes from how high to raise the arm, tilt the finger, and how far the arm should be rotated sideways… anal of me, yes but necessary for the photo ^^;

Now… count up your camera angles!

I would think W is the same height as Kabuto if his knees weren’t bent…

W also came with a pair of open palm hands… I didn’t know what pose it would go with besides the JOKER EXTREME so I put it in the only familiar (to KR people) pose that came to my mind ^^;.



The joints feel very solid and snug; there weren’t any loose parts after the photoshoot. The diecast ankle was very stiff and took some force to bend them otherwise I would’ve thought they weren’t movable ^^;.

Kneeling pose = no problem!



The bare black plastic is a bit off-putting since it also attracts oil smudges and fingerprints. It would be nice if it was matte black like it was supposed to be.

Joker kicks like a champ!



Can’t really do this “Rider Kick” properly since the body can’t split in half ^^;. It’s not like this Kick is all that cool anyway since it is heavily edited with special effects, minimizing the “impact” of the actual kick itself.


While it might be lacking in any sorts of accessories (save for an awesome scarf), being able to put it in its signature poses more than makes up for it. Even with less hands, I had more fun posing W than Ultimate Kuuga simply because there are known poses >_>. The only downside are the visible nubmarks at certain spots so if you plan on picking up this figure, proceed with caution (best if you can choose it from a store or in person instead of online). Other than that, this figure is W-boiled!


What is a Kamen Rider without his bike? Fearing that this bike would go the way of the dodo bird faster than I would expect it to, I pre-ordered it as soon as I heard about it. Since the Hardboilder is really a modified Honda CBR1000 RR, it quickly became my favorite Rider bike for its design ^^. I just gotta have it!

The packaging of this itansha (痛単車) is just like the packaging for the Riders themselves- Simple and to the point; no excess packaging mess to worry about. The bike came with nothing but a plain black stand for the rear wheels to hold up the bike.

At first look and from far away, this bike looks incredible just like a SHF should be. The wheels are die-cast, the tires are of a soft-touch plastic (not PC part soft), the wheels can spin freely, the front can steer, front tiret setup can detach, the rear actually has a suspension, and the whole bike can separate in half to attach those (stupidly expensive) Tamashii Web Limited booster add-on.

Who would’ve thought slapping a V-fin on a bike could make it look so cool? Not like the CBR1000 RR is not already awesome enough to begin with…

It’s not until I took a closer look did I realize the horror… omg, where are the details?! Well, actually, the details are molded in but the finer things are completely missing; there is no tachometer/speedometer on the dash! Just plain black plastic! The worst offender: there is no headlight! The “eyes” on the bike is literally a window you can see through out the dash. I think that’s the biggest disappointment in this bike I can think of. Everything else seems accurate as far as I can tell.

Posing with the bike…

With W standing next to it, the bike actually looks great.

Now for the hard(boiled) part…

This is where the black stand comes in. Setting W up on the bike took quite the effort… it almost felt W and the Hardboilder were not designed for each other. The foot rest is a bit too close and it was very hard to shape the legs into the form while on the bike. I’ve never sat on a real CBR1000 RR before so I’m not sure of the actual correct position… but I don’t think the rear is supposed to be raised the whole time >_>. Once I got W on the bike, everything looks great as long as I don’t nitpick on the finer details of the setup ^^;.

How awesome is it to have your own bike themed after you?

If not careful in handling, W can easily be jettisoned off the bike…

Can’t have such a cool looking bike and not do wheelies with it!


So… what other ways is there to pose a bike? >_>

How about telling people to count their sins while riding?


Alright… so the Hardboilder is missing some details (that you probably won’t see anyway the majority of the time) but I think it goes very well next to its respective Rider. The whole thing just completes the “Kamen RIDER” look. The bike has a nice weighty and solid feel to it so it is not as cheap as the plastic might suggest. Obviously, the Hardboilder is best displayed along with W to get the MAXIMUM DRIVE (pun intended) out of it so having the SHF W would be a prerequisite. While the Hardboilder enhances the looks of W, I don’t think it is as necessary as I first thought it to be but if you can find it at a more reasonable price (~$50 tops) then it is worth picking up ^^.

41 thoughts on “SH Figuarts Kamen Rider W CycloneJoker and Machine Hardboilder

  1. Damn, your pics now really make me want to get Cyclone Joker too. I was planning to get only FangJoker (for me its the best representation of W) and Accel but then again, this one is the most emblematic form… ah what the hell, the reissue is in January and he is quite cheap. Might as well get some stands too.

    I gotta say the bike looks cool… save for the plastic green it has. If they had made it just like the green color the Cyclone half has it would have been much more awesome.

    Too bad many other cool Riders from W are freaking exclusives (Skull, Joker, Accel Trial…)

    1. Now that you made me think about it… I think there are more web exclusive SHF from W than there are normal ones. Wow…

      After looking at the CycloneJoker, I think the Joker would be a bit lame since it will mostly be a bare black plastic figure.

      And I agree with you about the green paint (if it is paint… I can’t tell)… the color on the bike leaves much to be desired for.

  2. Dag nabbit, now I really want this Figuarts. Thanks goodness for the January reissue. But, just to be safe, I think I’ll get the bike first before the figure comes out.

    Honda CBR100RR is without any doubt my fav bike of all time. i first came to know of this bike when I watched House M.D. Though it was after watching “Kamen Rider The First” that I’ve fall in love with the said bike.

    I did seen reviews for Hardboilder, and I’m far from impressed. If I’m a god-skilled modeler, I would buy the Maisto version of CBR1000RR (which are cheaper and packed in details) and turn it into the Hardboilder. Unfortunately, I’m not. So this one will have to do.

    BTW Z, have you seen the new images of SIC W? From what I know so far, the figure will feature a body split gimmick and the ability to turn it into the Xtreme form.

    1. The CBR is my favorite too! I was thinking about picking up the Maisto models as well since they are about the same size scale (I think) and less than half the price but double the quality and details. I might pick up an older Maisto CBR for my SHF Kabuto. It is slightly red so it sorta fits ^^;.

      And yea, I’ve seen the SIC W but I didn’t know that it can break into halves… makes me wonder how stable that gimmick will be… like what if it becomes loose and it suddenly splits in half if you play with it too much?

      1. This gets me thinking, the W bike is way too expensive. Are there any other kind of scaled down bikes that can be used for the SHFiguarts? And if so, where can one get them?

        I do know HLJ has some but they are (fairly expensive) model kits and I don’t think those would be suitable since I think those would be quite fragile but I could be wrong.

        1. I will have to get back to you on that. There are the 1/12 Maisto products and I think they are very close in size to SHF bikes but I have to check with the store again. i am planning on buying their version of the red/black CBR1000 RR ^^.

      2. I’ve got most of the info regarding SIC W via CyberGundam (with a little help from google translate). Tobe honest, I was hoping that the said gimmick to be nothing more than a false rumor. Then again, even if the body split turns out to be true (hopefully not), the SIC isn’t the first W action figure to feature such gimmick.

  3. I have both of them so heres my thought on it:
    Pros:-extremely detailed figure
    -very good articulation
    Con:-i need to paint the cyclone memory myself using metalic green gundam marker…

    Machine hardboilder:
    Pros-very show accurate bike

    Con:-just as z said, toooo hard to pose with it.
    -back side of the bike are all in green. I have to paint the tail lamps and other details myself

    1. At first, I thought Bandai got lazy and decided not to paint in the pipes and stuff on the green half but then when I check out the actual bike, everything really is green! right down to the internals! Not exactly aeshetically pleasing from an auto perspective but guess that’s how it is.

      Mind showing me a photo of yours with the details painted in? ^^

      1. Well i don’t have a decent camara with me so sorry but i can tell you what i did. I painted the nameplate in white, tail lights above the nameplate in red and the other 2 lights on the side in yellow. Panellined a bit in some parts and added black in some holes. paited a little silver around the pipes(all with gundam markers). As the rest i leave it green because just as you said: it all green

  4. I wanted to get the two, but the Hardboilder is so expensive for such a little bike!! Going to get one of the MG Ws, Z?

      1. Ahhh.. Is fang philip’s memory? Or is he fang? I want the pure joker though..
        Are they really gonna make a skull?! I’ll probably get the heat metal too
        Has cyclone already, it’s like around sinanju head height.. That monster..

  5. haha, double the pictures for the double theme! XD

    to me SHF W had a somewhat “different” head, but luckily still looking cool.
    oh well, the MG figurerise didn’t really capture it right either.

    I guess catchphrases and signature poses are essentials to every modern Kamen Rider, eh? XD

  6. nice figure.. really like the plain old standing pose. =D planning to get the MG Figurise Kamen Rider W Series in the future? i think i’ve missed this SHF ride.. but MG Figurise might compensate a lil for it. XD

  7. OMG, I thought my browser glitched on me when I saw double the pics! Looks like you did that intentionally. XD

    I recently got the MG Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker but don’t have the time to complete the review for that. Looking at your review here kinda makes me want to get the SHF also so that he can ride the bike (since both are available at my local hobby store). Too bad there isn’t a MG Hard Boiler (yet?). ^^;

    Shippu, Kirifuda!

  8. Awesome review! I actually hadn’t expected the CycloneJoker, nor his badass ride.
    Now, if I recall, HGs are around the height of SHFs, right? Whatever, just, please, start sticking some Gundams on that ride until the 1/8 MG Machine Hardboiler comes out.

  9. The SHF Hardboilder’s very disappointing actually. The green half is just cheap unpainted plastic while it’s supposed to be metallic green like the Cyclone half. Not to mention the totally transparent headlights that look non-existent…

  10. Yeeeeees mg boilder! Boilder boilder! I say “hardboilder” in a slow and deep and manly way and placing emphasis on “boi” to my lady and she will laugh so hard :D
    and try doing that for banager in gundam uc too! Buh-NAAAAAA-Gee
    my mg rider is now comfortably sitting on top of acguy

  11. one thing i notice the lag of details in the whole SH Figuarts Kamen Rider W series is that the double driver lags details on the “pen drives” and the MG Figurerise seems to eradicate this problem. but nonetheless, SH Figuarts are much much more nibble and cooler than their MG counterparts. CycloneJoker will very much be on my list as well as FangJoker when the reissue comes~

    1. I know there are no logos on the drives but I suppose that is forgivable given how tiny that space is. The logo probably won’t be all that clear anyway.

  12. Z,… were wrong about ‘not a single dopant nor soul has ever replied to their phrase… and counted.’…..a ‘utopia’ memory user replied to them with ‘is it a crime/sin to love?’

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