SH Figuarts Kamen Rider W LunaTrigger

LUNA! TORIGAA! This is the figuarts of the ace marksman form of Kamen Rider W. The blue side provides the toy gun while the yellow allows the firepower to home in on the enemy. Pretty deadly if you ask me…

Not much in terms of extras; you get open palms, trigger hands, and the two forms of Trigger Magnum. You can’t tell people to count their sins with this figure D:

Heh… I don’t think I need to say much. This is basically a color variation of the CycloneJoker with slightly different trim design on the body xD.

Ugh… mine came with a few eyesores. There’s a blotch of blue paint on Trigger’s chest and upon some closer examination, there were micro scruffs here and there on the Luna side. Not quite perfect as my previous SHF in terms of paint job but at least I can find consolation that the entire figure is painted. Trigger’s metallic blue is hot but I think Luna’s color could be a bit more yellow. Overall, I wasn’t too irked by the flaws as they were pretty hard to notice if you are not looking out for them. This is a reminder that mass-produced pre-painted action figures has a higher chance of coming with impurities… the SHF line-up is no exception.

Kicking is no problem. Kinda plain to be posing this form just like this though…

That’s because LunaTrigger is all about the gun!

Unlike the W Driver, the Trigger Magnum is very well detailed!

Feels like I need to play some James Bond music to go with all this gun posing…

*Cues Finger on the Trigger*

This has to be my first time reviewing something with a gun that is not a mecha… coming up with poses was hard ^^;. Not very helpful since this figure also doesn’t include any effect parts…

“Move it down your finger! Finger on your trigger! あるがまま振る舞うだけ”

“その引き金を引けるのは…そう 自分しかいないだろ”

*Pulls the trigger*

Kamen Rider =/= Mecha. Please do not try to pose them like Gundams… they will look funny and unnatural ^^;.


Submachine gun—>Magnum



pewwwwwwwwwwwww! Yea… it’s pretty anti-climatic…


It’s not canonical but since two guns are included, might as well make use of them!

LunaTrigger- Hong Kong action flick style!

It would’ve been cooler if LunaTrigger actually did dual wield magnums…



Maybe bad guys will actually count up their sins if they have a gun pointed at them?


Since there’s not really anything going on for this Figuarts, there isn’t much to complain about nor write home about; this is just a great representation of the actual Rider. The only reason I picked this one up is so I can complete the basic W collection. Saying that, I wouldn’t have any reason to get this if I don’t already have the SHF W CycloneJoker and HeatMetal (I’d suspect this to be the case for many of you as well). If you do want to pick this up (be it LunaTrigger your favorite form or completing your collection), then it’s best to find it at a store where you can choose which one has the best paint job.


26 thoughts on “SH Figuarts Kamen Rider W LunaTrigger

  1. Well, obviously the rest of the W figures are mere repaints with differences regarding the accessories, reason why I only want CycloneJoker and FangJoker.

    That reminds me, it’s been a month already and those 2 SHF I ordered still have not arrived…

    1. Yea… It was bugging me that I have the other forms of W except LT so… went ahead and bought it to fill the void ^^;.

      It’s the holiday season so shipping is usually slower than normal. Did you shipped by SAL?

        1. Yea. I would avoid SAL for the holidays even if I don’t mind the long wait. Since SAL runs on a space-availability-basis, and now everyone is shipping stuff, who knows when your stuff get to go. I don’t think it’ll be lost though.

  2. and just for reminder Z, there something irky on SIC/SHF stuff by Bandai ASIA, it have some different region version, you can chck it on the box, the best one is japan(JAP)*hell ofcourse it is*. HK, and Singapore. IDN(Indonesia), China (CHN) and the other usually have some defect, or worse detail. you can see the region imprinted at lower parts of the box, except japan. since you buy trough online shop directly from japan, it sould be jap version tough. wich make me wonder, how ugly would be the IDN version =_=

    1. Interesting… not really sure why there would be different quality though if they are all made in China. None of my SHF have any region printing except my Hardboilder (a holographic sticker of the Bandai/Tamashii Nation logo- HK).

      1. It’s luck IMO , ow Toys are full of defect no matter which region they are.
        as for Japan version usually they don’t have any sign of sticker :)

  3. This was my first SHF(grabbed it on impulse) and I’m addicted to getting more! LOL Never even watched W before buying it last time, but now that I’ve finished watching, I wanna get the CycloneJoker and HeatMetal too! Sadly HeatMetal is kinda out of stock everywhere I look ._.

  4. Great review as usual Z! You could invest in the Luna twin pack for the extended hands to make more poses for this SHF. More $$ for that though~ haha!

  5. I already have Cyclone Joker and Fang Joker. Now I am trying to look for Luna Trigger and Heat Metal (Can’t find them in Singapore now), so I will try my luck in Hong Kong~

  6. It’s actually possible to put one of Mg Red frame’s katana in the holding-things hand of Figuarts Double. Unfortunately due to the size of the handle, it opens up those grippy hands a little too much for him to be able to hold his other weapons if he holds the katana for long enough.

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