SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Accel Trial

Note: This is a special Web-Tamashii Limited release and as such, I made this review especially long by taking W the amount of photos for a SHF review :)

Kamen Rider Accel Trial, the speed demon form of Kamen Rider Accel, fights not with power but with speed. The idea: If one kick isn’t enough, then kick 100 more times at lightning speed until your opponent is destroyed. There are two things I love in this world- Speed and sword. Accel has both so he is made of win! It helps that Accel is more aesthetically pleasing in Trial form as well ^^;.

Side view… Kamen Rider AccelTrial? Not Accel Trial?

Please do not get Accel Trial and Faiz Accel confused… though in this case, they are awfully similar. Once the Trial Maximum Drive is activated, Accel Trial only has 10 seconds to attack just like Faiz Accel… but I’ll give the cool factor to Faiz more ^^;.

The hands included are the same as the regular Accel. Other bits include the regular version of the Accel Driver, Trial Memory, and the Engine Blade.

A closer look at the hands and bits included.


Being the case that Accel Trial’s motif is modeled after a dirt bike/motocross racer, you can see the influences in his helmet, body and wheels on this body.

Accel is a TRUE Kamen RIDER… if you get my drift… heh.


Coolsome metallic blue paint job throughout his entire body! The body is entirely the same as the normal Accel minus some armor and bits here and there. The simplified armor allows Accel to move more freely and there is no obstruction to hinder articulation. Accel Trial’s head can look sideways whereas Accel’s head cannot… but neither can look down -_-;.

Comparison with Accel.


“全て。。。振り切るぜ!” TRIAL!

Start up…

You know you’re in trouble when Accel gives you the thumbs down…

From the way it is shaped, there’s no way this could be a “thumbs up”… Terui is no Godai Yuusuke…


“Check out this bitchin’ GN Drive on my back!”



Accel’s ultimate weapon that has been entrusted to him by Veda… the power to disable the powers of all unworthy Kamen Riders!

Oh wait… wrong system…


Unlike Accel who fights with his Engine Blade the whole time, Trial use punches and kicks!


Trial is also very good at running…


I wonder if Trial can outrun Sonic the Hedgehog…

Trial can kick like a champ!

Changed the light setup so you can see the eyes better.

It would be even cooler if the eyes could light up but this looks pretty cool too ^^.

Trial’s speed is very inconsistent. When the plot calls for it, he can dodge anything from bullets to the weather… or he won’t even be able to dodge a punch >_>.










What’s an Accel review without some swordplay?

Would’ve been nice if the sword can also turn blue as well…

Since the head can turn more freely, poses naturally look better than regular Accel’s.







Gotta exploit the fact that I have two Engine Blades sitting around…

Now that I think about it… Accel Trial would fit right in with Master Chief in Halo…


Can’t complete this review without photos of the two together!


Forgot to recreate this scene in Accel’s review so I’ll put it here…

“Now I will shake free from my cursed past!”


“HA!” “HA!”


While overall the same exact figure as Accel, this SHF has many improvements over its regular form. The most prominent change I guess we can all agreed on is improved aesthetics ^^;. Aside from that, the new armor design also removed some obstructions as well, particularly for the head. The paint job is superb and the Rider is well-replicated. I don’t think it is a matter of whether you should get it or not, but it is more of a case if you can find it for a reasonably inflated price. As of now, you won’t be able to find this SHF anywhere beside ebay for a cool sum of money ^^;.

In honor of Terui Ryu… DO NOT ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS =.=


34 thoughts on “SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Accel Trial

  1. IMG_7211 looks really, really good! I like the lighting you used for that picture ^^ The eyes can be seen well, and the background looks nice

    Man I really wish I found an Accel Trial in Singapore :( The blue looks awesome and the articulation is better as well.

  2. Man, really want this one. I wouldn’t mind getting just this and not the normal Accel, but sadly too many other stuff on my top priority; SIC Dark Kabuto & Gatack, SHF & SIC W CJ, and not to mentions lots and lots of Figma that I’m planning to get in the future.

    And since I have SIC Vol 42 (Den-O Sword Form & Momotaros), 44 (Zeronos & Deneb) and 45 (Den-O Liner & Zeronos Zero), I’m thinking of completing the whole SIC Den-O set, Vol. 43, 47 and limited Rod form and Ax form. But all that could take months.

    Dagnabit. Looks like I’m gonna have to give this one up.

      1. Yeah. Zeronos/Deneb was is the first SIC I’ve got while Den-O Sword/Momotaros is the first figure I ever got this year, the 1st January to be exact. Zeronos/ Deneb cost me MYR 238 (USD 77). Unfortunately , Den-O Sword/Momotaros cost me a ridiculous price of MYR 350 (USD 114).

  3. *reads*
    *sees Trial System screenshot*
    *sees following photo*
    Another good one, really made me go rolling there. XD

    There were sure a lot of photos like you said in the opening which really highlight AccelTrial! Too bad getting one of these will most probably cost and arm and a leg… maybe there will be a MGF of it. Hm~

  4. Cool pics as usual (you even included the twin kick I mentioned between Accel and FangJoker ^^).
    I like Trial more than regular Accel but I’m pretty sure that being a exclusive you’ll have to shell like 70 bucks or so for it, uck.
    Have you seen already the A-Z W movie? While Accel obviously is not the main focus he gets some pretty cool moments owning the bad guys in both forms.

    1. 70 bucks for a limited SHF is almost sorta nice… they shoot up to 100+ pretty quick!

      I haven’t seen the movie yet… did someone subbed it already? I know Tv Nihon haven’t yet.

    1. Spot on dude! Tamashii web announced it previously tt there will be a ”yellow” version of accel.. But i’d rather wait for accel booster. :)

      1. yes, and the yellow one got quite changes, the so called “accel booster”

        i think its going to debut in the next movie/net movie or whatever W Returns called.

  5. Man, awesome review, the nadleeh/seraphim reference made me lol

    funny how bandai also releasing yellow version of accel, signal version or whatever it is called

    anyways, prolly wont be able to buy these, spent too much money on PG strike and paints, lol

  6. Now this is a figure that could get me into the SHF lineup. The colors, design and Terui himself just make me love Accel over the other side Riders. If I saw this in store I’d definately spend time thinking whether 150$ is a good deal or not, rather than handwaving it like I would with those MGs right next to it.
    But being me, I’m just waiting for a transformable version instead. Because real men ride each other! Might as well stick to the 1/8th-scales… Unless I can be convinced otherwise!

    1. But… Trial can’t transform ^^;. But yea… since we’re getting an MG Accel, a MG Accel Trial is not too far away…

      1. But Accel can. And getting both would be the idea anyways, what with Trial being Accel’s supermove.
        Indeed it isn’t. Bandai loves their retools and recolors, after all!

  7. Hurmmm..
    When I saw how Accel make thumbs down pose, that reminds me when KR Eternal make the same pose after defeated KR W and Accel by neutralize the Gaia Memories (Maximum Drive) in the KR W movies. LOL.

    Anyway, nice review on AccelTrial figure.

  8. I think I still prefer Kuuga’s Dragon form. ^ ^;
    I completely understand what you mean by inconsistent speed. >.>

    “Accel Trial would fit right in with Master Chief in Halo…”
    How so?

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