SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Accel

Accel (do not confuse with Faiz Accel please) is the secondary Rider in W. With looks only a revenge-driven, bandage-wrapped, shade-sporting woman can love, Accel doesn’t necessarily come across as “friendly” ^^;. At some angle, the guy even looks evil and rather ugly… but badass nonetheless. Accel’s design certainly takes a bit of time to get used to but it is possible that it can grow on you. Especially when the person is Kyosuke Nanbu Terui Ryu.

FURIKIRU ZE! The sad part about Accel is that since he is a secondary rider, he was bound to have his ass handed to him on a regular basis while W powers up to Xtreme levels.

What you get is a bunch of open hands/palms and a special “thumbs down” hand.

“HEN… =_= *constipated look*… SHIN!”

Hot red metallic paint job is HOT! Note the orange tint in the red as well (you can only see it when light shines on it otherwise it looks completely red). Unlike other SHF, Accel is COMPLETELY painted! Well… maybe except the hands and the thing on his back. It’s unfortunate that there is no “light up” mode for the eyes but at least you can still make out all the details inside. I like how the wheel on his back can spin even though it is completely pointless since he can’t transform into a bike xD. Accel is a true Kamen RIDER… what’s with his motif being an engine/bike (Gundam F91 heatsink/engine abs, gas cup, wheels, tachometer belt, handle bars, etc). Wished the accel driver has more details but I think  it is sufficient for its size.

Terui Ryu is hardboiled…

I’m not sure if Accel shares the same body with SHF W or not because the two feels different… with Accel being the better of the two. Accel’s stance is very solid and he can pull off kick poses effortlessly!

Maybe it is just my figure but I find Accel’s joints to be VERY SMOOTH. Very easy to control yet still snug all the way, making poses very easy to setup and balance (especially the ankles). One major issue is that his head can’t really turn sideways due to his collar armor obstructing the chin unless you want him to look side-way… upwards.

I don’t remember Accel ever fighting without his Engine Blade before except in Trial mode…


Well it came with something that looks like a pointing hand so I don’t know what pose to use it with except the usual “Count up your sins!” ^^;.

Bro fist!

From the way the hand is shaped, it is no doubt a thumb down hand xD

“Despair is your goal”


ACCEL! MAXIMUM DRIVE! *revving it up*

*engine revving*



*leaves skidmarks*




Can’t have a complete Accel without his Engine Blade! The sword is very well detailed! It can even open up for you to put in its engine memory that isn’t included >_>

“Shall we?”

Even if he is a secondary rider, it is recommended that you don’t piss off Terui…


Did I mentioned that Accel has AMAZING articulation?!

The only things missing are effect parts to replicate ELECTRIC, STEAM, and ENGINE (fire) for the sword.


His face/design is a bit unfortunate but this is still a great figure (if not one of the best so far). I can say with with certainty that this is one of the most solid SHF I have reviewed so far. The full paint job, the details, the articulation, stability… Aspect for aspect, I believe Accel is more superior than many other SHF (including Double). Despair is definitely not your goal with this figure!



24 thoughts on “SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Accel

  1. Great review as always Z! :D Wish the details behind his visor were more visible though, and it’d be nice if they detailed in the accel “A” logo on the accel driver

    I didn’t know how awesome it looked until I saw it in real life. Had to grab it without thinking(wanted to collect most, if not all the W SHFs anyway xD)

    I’ve only played around with him for a bit but I can tell, he’s a great and articulated figure ^^

    1. Yea… details on the driver would’ve been nice but it’s like Double’s driver was any more detailed.

      And yea, photos doesn’t do this guy justice. He definitely looks better in person or in action!

      1. Well, you can print out the driver pic and stick it onto the shf’s driver, I guess. That’s what I did… But yeah, the metallic red is really well done.

  2. Great review there. Is there any chance that the SHFiguarts can transform into Accel’s bike mode? I’ve only reviewed the SHF Kanuto i got this Christmas and I’m enjoying it so far

      1. Thats too bad. Its really REALLY tempting to open it up and put LED lights just to mimic the eyes whenever they light up for a maximum drive… Accel now reminds me of a zaku XD

  3. I reviewed him last year too. Very nice SHF… I like the paintjob and details. The metallic red paintjob was what that won me over the SHF version. I wasn’t very fond of Accel at first, until the SHF came out. Haha….

  4. Awesome review Z, Accel is my first and only SHF and your review definitely did him justice. Agree with you that he looks way better in real life, despite him looking ace even in pictures! It really is a shame that this did NOT come with effect parts!

  5. I just bought this last week! I just open it up to look at the parts inside, and place it back in the box… Is the sun thing again, need to take care of it lol… waiting on your Trial mode next!

  6. Badass! Awesome pics as usual, Z! Man, I ordered this one along Zabee from Hobbysearch last November and they never arrived D= (heck, I even got a refund for them already).

    You are missing the double kick Accel and FangJoker perform together to screw Weather big time.

    By the way, will you try that little mod of removing the visor and painting with silver paint the speedometer?

    1. So your SHF never came at the end? Ah that blows >_< Good to hear that you at least got your refund though. I supposed it would be a miracle that it arrives one of these days now that the holiday season is over with.

      oh man! How could I've forgot that scene! I'll add a shot of that later xD.

      Nah, i'm fine with the way the face looks so I'll leave it as is. Don't wanna risk breaking the visor also… too important!

      1. Seems a miracle happened, as precisely today I picked up Accel and TheBee in my local postal office. I’m loving Accel’s paintjob.

        Now only waiting for my FangJoker to arrive from HLJ…

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