SH Figuarts Kamen Rider W CycloneJoker Xtreme

I never planned to pick this figure up but it was 50% off at Hobby Search so hey, why not add it to my W collection. This is the original “ultimate” form of Double- CycloneJokerXtreme (it is totally hardcore). Philip and Shotarou were able to obtained this new power thanks to “Nobody is Perfect”. After the appearance of this new form, the other secondary forms kinda took a backseat for screen time :(. Lame but oh well.

Back. The giant line reads “Oretachi no kokoro to shintai mo hitotsu ni naru!” (Our heart and body becomes one!)but you can replace “shintai” with just “karada” since that’s what Shotarou said on screen.

Quite a bit in this package though they are all necessities. A pair of holding hands, open palm, a variation of the “pose” hands (two fingers pointing instead of one), Prism Sword, and Bicker Shield.

360 view. While I might not like its design, I do like how muscular the sculpt of the figure is as it does allude a sense of “power” about it.

Closer look at the details; you can see the W motif taken to an xtreme level on the shoulders and there is now an addition of “X” on the wrists, ankles, face and belt. Another cool thing about this figure is that the silver strip running down the middle of his (their?) body is actually covered in a clear outer plastic layer. One inconsistency though… the black chest is obviously flat/matte but the rest of the black side is still bare shiny plastic -_-.

Here’s an example of the clear part on the silver trip. This one belongs to the inner thigh that came off during the photo session but it went back in without issue.

The included hands can’t really let you accurately do the “Count your sins” post but at least you can accurately reproduce the henshin pose for the normal CycloneJoker ^^;



I’ll applaud the weapon for being so detailed even for its size but at the same time, I think it could use just a tad more detail as well >_>. Some more trims or color wouldn’t hurt; the backside is just bare smooth plastic.

PRISM SWORD! Okay… while I fully understand that KR is a kids show and that their designs (suit and weapons) need to appeal to kids and all but… can’t the weapons NOT look so obvious that they ARE toys? If I was a monster, I would have a hard time taking those funky looking things seriously instead of running for my life before I get slashed by a rainbow!

There’s a slight Den-O feel about Xtreme… could it be the eyes and the toy sword?

Sword could be a bit longer… I would call this a large knife.







Oh how I sorely need some special effects… ^^;



Rainbow Slash!!!





Wow… that looks really bad xD

This is still the best looking rider kick to date…


The line just keeps getting longer and longer…

“さあ、お前の罪を数えろ!” Ver. Xtreme


If you’ve read my other Kamen Rider W reviews before, then there should be no surprise here that my opinion remains the same for all the “secondary” forms of W. Even though CJX is aesthetically different from the rest, it is largely still the same figure so all the pros and cons (+1 for no scarf!) are the same. This figure made me open up to its design a bit more but  I still don’t like it. I don’t think it hurts to pick it up but it is nice to have it in your W collection for a more “complete” look ^^.


18 thoughts on “SH Figuarts Kamen Rider W CycloneJoker Xtreme

  1. at first i didnt really like the design of the suit too.. due to the abdomen being FAT looking, but this figure [no i didnt get a chance to buy CJX T^T ] design was like.. then the XTREME form grew on me and while watching the episodes of W, i was like *faster go xtreme!!* xP…

  2. You even got the CycloneJoker Xtreme! At 50% off, ho wouldn’t, right? XD

    Similar to the previous poster, I didn’t like the form UNTIL I saw the very first henshin into it. The episode was simply brilliant with that touching moment between Phillip and Shotaro. *sniff*


  3. So…… You got the Xtreme… I wonder will you complete your W collection by getting the rest of the forms? (The Luna set, Cyclone and Heat Set) Kekeke…..

  4. XTREEEEEEEEEEEEMU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That was a badass episode, too bad the design of this W form is rather meh, I just don’t like the X shaped visor (sup’ Double X Gundam?).

  5. haha, it was pretty much the curse of Heisei Riders that when they finally got their final form, most other form were from then on are useless.
    W still did it pretty well compared to other riders though, as it still changes to other forms once in a while even after getting Xtreme.

  6. Mm…

    To think that actually would pick this one up.

    I originally thinking off picking this one too, but I find it’s design to be quite off compared to the the shown on the TV series, especially on the head.

    I’m not sure if I want to pick this one, even if I could find it with a good discount. I think I’ll save up for the new upcoming Figuarts Skull Crystal since I don’t have the previous one.

    As for SIC W, I’ll pick that one, but only when it arrives the the local stores.

    BTW, how many Kamen Rider figures do you have, including the one you haven’t reviewed?

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