SH Figuarts Kamen Rider W HeatMetal

This is actually one of my very first SHF along with Kabuto since I bought the two at Anime Expo 2010. What is there not to love about W in this form? There’s the flaming hot red paint on the right and cold metal silver on the right. This is toally “iron man”! This form totally deserves more screen time!

Personally, I believe this should have been the primary form of W. Flamin’ punches on the right, and tough as… metal defense on the left. Not to mention that shaft is not just for show… W can literally make anyone their b**** by branding them xD.

Two holding hands, two open hands, one closed shaft and one extended shaft rounds out the package. Like LunaTrigger, W in this form can’t tell dopants to count their sins!

360 degrees

Closer look at the details. For some reason, Bandai left the joints black for every form… doesn’t seem right. The most visually appealing part of any Rider is always the eyes. The right side of the W-fin on the head has a “smear” across it which I didn’t noticed until after I bought it :(. However, I took comfort into thinking to myself that it was probably intentional to go with the “fire” side… orz.

Time to whip out the pimp shaft…

The paint job is just HOT!

Cold as metal…


Maybe because I am biased but I think posing with the shaft is more fun than posing with the gun… ^^;

Oops… accidentally tilted this photo by mistake. All the joints were really stiff at first and crackled a bit here and there but loosened over the course of the photoshoot.



*makes random monkey noises*


The fiery eyes that can see all evil!

Needs a banana to complete the set…

And a golden rod instead of silver…


Where are the flames?!




Nothing more to it…


The three main forms of W… complete!

Feels so nice to have the whole set ^^;

The SOUL of W

“The villains who make this city cry will forever hear these words from us…”



Being that this is the same figure as W CycloneJoker and W LunaTrigger, The same verdict applies here as well. However, I think HeatMetal has the better color accuracy than the other two forms and it is fully painted as well. But with more painted parts come more chances of manufacturing imperfection so be careful when choosing this SHF. My general opinion on the three: thanks to the Metal Shaft, HeatMetal has more room for play and action poses than the other two while CycloneJoker has the hands for the signature poses going for it… and LunaTrigger is good for completing the W collection if nothing else >_>. Whichever form of W you decide to go with, it’ll still make a great display figure nonetheless.




20 thoughts on “SH Figuarts Kamen Rider W HeatMetal

  1. Great review as always! Makes me want to get HeatMetal more now since I initially thought of getting it since it was my favorite form out of the three mains. I mean, its fire and metal! XD

    Wonder if I can grab the MGF version later since the release dates for a certain three MGFs are just so darn close (LunaTrigger and HeatMetal hasn’t arrive locally yet).

    Hm, the black joints still look off to me. It works for the Joker half only but for the rest… makes him look toyish. I wonder if it was due to Bandai being cheep-ish?

  2. Wha–?! This set can’t possibly be complete yet!

    You still lack Cyclone Metal, Cyclone Trigger, Luna Joker, Luna Metal, Heat Trigger and Heat Joker ^_^

    Bandai needs to count up their Kamen Riders again…

    1. He’s just talking about the 3 main forms. Don’t nitpick== Who doesn’t know that? He just feels happy to have the complete set of 3 main forms. Right Z?

  3. My Joker SHF had a similar problem with the paint Z. If you sand it down with 1200 grip and go over the whole v-fin with Tamiya’s chrome silver paint it’ll look flawless.

  4. my heat metal’s right leg joint at the crouch broke on the first day i got it… it was so FREAKING tight…

    while my luna trigger didnt… strange =3=

  5. ROFL at the monkey king impersonation. XD
    Its just a shame that HeatMetal in the series cant make a maximum drive rider kick just like u did. ^^

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