D-Arts Rockman X

Rockman/Mega Man X was my first exposure to the whole series way back in the SNES days. Everything about the game captured my heart- the gameplay, the colors, the music, the weapons, the character. I’ve played X1 to X3 on the SNES, X4 to X6 on the PS1, and now have all of them on the PS2’s “Mega Man X Collection”. For some reason, X7 and on never appealed to me so I never played them. I’ve always wanted something more out of the series beside the games, like a model or action figure but they were all rare/discontinued by the time I started looking. Now X is finally getting some love from Bandai starting with this figure and his armors are sure to follow soon enough. **** YEAH!

Nice packaging.

Accessories: Open hands x2, fists x2, right arm, X buster ring for effect parts attachment, pissed off face, kiai face, yellow pellets and charged shot.


Variable X

X is reproduced VERY faithfully in this figure. His proportions are just right; neither too fat nor sleek… and very serious. It is just like how I remembered him. When I first took him out of the package, I had to wipe off some oily substances that were covering the joints… is this what you call fresh from the factory? ^^;

X is short but he is also “big”… about the same size as Revoltech figures. He is a tad shorter than SHFiguarts and 1/144 Gundam models but also more massive.

Since the arms and legs are connected by pegs, they can be easily removed for part (armor) swapping. All the parts are painted except the sky blue on the upper arms, thighs, and waist which are bare plastic. X’s design lacks details such as panel lines and stuff so the whole figure is very smooth and the gloss paint job looks even nicer but unfortunately, the smoothness also means that blemishes are also very easy to spot.

Face swapping.

“Sigma! I will defeat you again for the X number of times!”



X is very well articulated but the design of his legs hinders his ankles… or more like he doesn’t have ankles (think Zeta Gundam). He can still pull off some sweet poses though since everything else is free of obstruction.

He can kneel like the time when Vile took him down…


The iconic weapon of the iconic figure.

Love the red “jewel” inside the X Buster.

The Tamashii Stage bases work pretty well for midair support.

His face could use some more anger…


This is something X never did… nor did he ever threw a punch for that matter; the X Buster is the answer to everything.


Baseball slide!

You only have limited freedom to arrange and rotate the pallets but at least it is better than nothing.

*pew pew pew*




Isn’t this only the first level charge shot? I remember the last level charge shot being blue/white…

Given how heavy the charged shot is (it is one solid piece), I’m pleasantly surprised at how well X’s arm can balance it without issue. However, physics mandates it that the shot will tip over X unless he is properly balanced. Look at the left shot: X is literally leaning back and the shot is able to balance him… that is how heavy the shot is.

All of the joints are sturdy except for the leg-to-waist part which felt a bit loose but since they are ball joints, nothing a little glue can’t fix.

Swapped the X Buster with the left land when you are running from left to right. Can X actually do this?


This is a fantastic figure of X that is fully playable and displayable. The only real flaw I can pinpoint is that the arm and leg joints tend to come off a bit too easy when bending them (but they won’t come loose by themselves). Articulation and range of motion is as nice as X’s design allows it to be and you can definitely pull off all the poses that you remembered him doing in game. The shot parts also adds some play and display value. Do not hesitate to pick this up if you are fond of the Blue Bomber.

I’m also going to get my hands on Armored X and whatever cool armor follows that (hopefully the Ultimate Armor is not too far off… c’mon, Dr. Light!). And of course, Zero too… whenever the X2+ version comes out that is.


OZKai Pla


62 thoughts on “D-Arts Rockman X

  1. SWEET! Yeah, this figure of X is waaaaaay better articulated than Kotobukiya’s figures of Rockman, but I like them both for they truly capture the look and feel of their respective heroes.

    The upcoming X1 Full Armor is something to look forward to. Zero though, I’ll have to pass. Zero with just the Buster cannon isn’t definitive of the guy anymore. I’ll take his X3 incarnation any day.

    1. Kotobukiya didn’t even make a Rockman X yet, so I don’t think we can compare their articulations.

      But then again, I guess a lot of foreshadowing leads us to a reasonable conclusion. Model kits tend to be less articulated than figures.

      But Kotobukiya makes extremely nice PVC statues (and model kits). I think they might make an extremely nice render of X that might surpass this figure. I’m hoping for a X model that looks more of X5 then X1-X4.

    1. GnSquacker, let me forewarn you…

      Tatsu Hobby makes recasts of Garage kits (The X on your link is a garage kit, not a model kit. You will need to drill, cut, sand, and make your own pieces to make the kit). Recasts are not always accurate to the original garage kit. In fact, The Megaman Network Community is having an extremely large rant about the recasts made by Tatsu Hobby.

      Not only that, you stated that the X D-Arts was too small for your liking. The X in your link is only 3 inches. It’s tiny.

    1. Elmers for light fixes. superglue if I want it to be permanent… but then I wouldn’t be able to swap its parts with another armors later in the future.

  2. Ok, so I read the review, and I agree on all levels. I also read that you plan getting X in his first armor. I have all 3 of the D-Arts for Rockman X, and they ALL came out great (Yes, even Zero without his staple shoulder guards and sword). Not to spoil too much, but if you do get X’s first armor, understand that the charge shot that comes with it has its own stand. This stand is needed, no if, ands, or buts. The shot is at last twice as heavy as X/Zero’s charge shot and will give you limited poses with it in the air, even with a Tamashi stage. Lastly, since you dont seem to want to buy the current Zero, I will tell you that its about identical in make up and framework as X, save the fact that it is noticeably taller than him (yay!), head and hair, and the lack of shoulder armor. I only bought it because I’m a completionist of sorts, and if they never make a X2 Zero (or later) ever, then at least I have something. As always, great review!

    1. you shall not worry, a Vile(VAVA) and zero version 2(X2 and up, they did not show us the Z buster yet) are planned for release. i dont think zero would be an exclusive, since it would be soooo high on demand. but for Vile? I bet it would be an exclusive.

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